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Listen, you foolish waste of calcium. It is my duty to protect the Underground! And if you think I am going to abandon that duty like you did, then you're SORELY MISTAKEN!
— Dohj to PAPYRUS, Part 20

Bassiere von Dohj III, better known as Dohj, is a high-ranking member of the Royal Guard and Sergeant of the Fort Aquarius Military Garrison.



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Dohj is a no-nonsense, by the books Royal Guard who takes great pride in her work. She is stern, aloof, and quick to anger and places protocol above all else. She sees many of her fellow guards as incompetent, be it the more openly dog-like Canine Unit or the egotistical Aarmors on the force.

She resents Sans and detests that he's a rank above her as the Royal Guard's second in command, leading to great tension between the duo. However, she does respect Alphys, even if she has concerns for her well-being in light of her morals.

She does not harbor a particular grudge against Frisk or humanity. However, her duties take priority above sympathy and ethics.


Bassiere Von Dohj III descends from a long bloodline of royal guards, all of whom upheld a very strict set of traditionalist values.

Main Story

Fort Aquarius Arc

Dohj first appears in Part 15 at the entrance to Fort Aquarius. She denies Monster Kid access to the fort, and when they do not obey, she picks them up and carries them out, where she encounters Frisk and PAPYRUS. She tells all of them to leave because the fort is on lockdown.

Dohj is not seen again until Part 19, where she orders Royal Guards 03 and 04 to escort Monster Kid out of the fort. She then once again encounters Frisk and Papyrus, who she angrily orders to leave again. At this point, she suddenly identifies Frisk (who was previously disguised) as a human and becomes furious, engaging both of them in combat. During the battle, Frisk and Papyrus attempt to "expose her inner pooch" by petting her and throwing sticks. Eventually, Sans shows up and intervenes. He tries to subtly let Frisk and Papyrus go, but they are suddenly joined by more members of the Royal Guard, even including Alphys. Papyrus uses his Concocterest spell to create a smoke cloud and escape the fort.

Hotland Arc

Dohj appears in the trial as a witness against Frisk. She describes how Frisk infiltrated Fort Aquarius. However, she also accuses Papyrus of treason for helping Frisk, which causes Undyne to completely abandon her argument against Frisk in order to defend Papyrus's actions. Eventually, Papyrus and Undyne both infuriate Dohj by pointing out "errors" in her testimony that in reality were perfectly reasonable. Mettaton, the judge, plays along because he secretly supports Frisk and because the trial was mainly for dramatic purposes.


In Part 49, Dohj appears as one of the callers after Gerson, and demands for Undyne to stand down and stop hurting Papyrus.

New Home & Loose Ends Arc

In the MTT Resort, Dohj appears crowded by monsters in Part 52, being constantly bothered by them about Sans' meme, her fit during the trial, and how she called during the Core Arc. Endlessly annoyed, she demands any vacant room left, even the janitor's closet as long as she can escape the crowd. Frisk and Papyrus step in to offer her their unused room, and once she accepts, Papyrus asks why she stood up for them. Dohj tells him she still views him as traitors and does not like him or Frisk, but admits there is small truth to Sans' words.



  • Bassiere von Dohj III is an OC created by Fours, based on the unused Undertale character Doge.
  • Her costume is based on Beatrix from Final Fantasy IX.
  • She is the only known Inverted Fate character to be confirmed to be heterosexual.


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