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The CORE is a subsection of Hotland and the final region before New Home. It is the primary energy source of the Underground. The CORE was built by W.D. Gaster.


The CORE is comprised of several rearragnable segments including puzzles,4 sub-sections based on the 4 main regions, and a bridge (same as original).

Main story


PAPYRUS and Frisk are approaching the CORE when Papyrus gets a call stating that he won the celebrity date, and that he should wait for further instructions. He and Frisk wait for some time before Papyrus tells Frisk to move on ahead. When Frisk enters the CORE, Undyne turns on an electric field, Locking them in and locking Papyrus out.

Undyne appears and starts taunting Frisk, saying that they "are all alone." At this point, Chara starts to take the role of a supportive partner, rather than a distant narrator.