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The fallen humans are the six humans who fell between Chara and Frisk in Inverted Fate.


The SOUL of Patience was the second human to fall Underground and the first to fall after Chara. Very little information is available about the Patience SOUL, only that they were slain by Asgore shortly after their arrival, and their SOUL was promptly delivered to New Home, as a result of Asgore's declaration of war against humanity.[1][2]

The Mage

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The Mage was the third human to fall into the Underground and the SOUL of Kindness. They lived a full life among monsters and died due to old age. They were involved in most of the other humans’ time underground and were one of the three heroes who put an end to the Waterfall Incident, after which they studied their time-travelling abilities with W.D. Gaster.


Bravery as depicted by the Mage in their journal.

The SOUL of Bravery was the fourth human to fall Underground and the third after Chara's demise.

He was captured by the Royal Guard in Snowdin, where he had killed a number of aggressive monsters. Toriel took him in, and he shared a home with The Mage for a while. However, he later grew homesick and confronted Toriel in order to leave. The conflict resulted in her death, and The Mage used their power to turn back time and reloaded a past save before her death, and tried to reason with him to no avail. Eventually, he was killed by Toriel accidentally, with his death being permanent due to the Mage saving elsewhere.


Main article: Waterfall Incident

The ending battle of the Waterfall Incident.

The SOUL of Integrity was the fifth human to fall Underground and the fourth after Chara's demise.

She is primarily known as the human who started the Waterfall Incident, a massacre that claimed the lives of 39 monsters and left 29 in critical condition. She was killed by Toriel, Gerson, and the Mage after many reloads.

Although long dead, the actions of this child have left a significant impact on the Underground, spurring the construction of Fort Aquarius and Forgespring and leaving many monsters wary of future humans.

She was once honest, kind, and understanding to people, but after leaving the friendly ruins and Asgore wishing her good luck, a group of monsters were waiting for her outside the ruins to ambush her, the human tried to run away and plead them to not attack but nothing would stop them. Eventually she knew she had to fight, that it was the only option available for her to live. She fought until reducing all the monsters to dust, and then she collapsed to the snow floor with the darkness over taking her and reinforcements coming in to take her. She then woke up to find her self at the Snowdin Inn and she had believed the monsters captured her. So she ran outside to avoid "capturement" only to see Snowdin Town in a blurry vision and hear some guards calling out to her, she only saw them as enemies however at this point.


The SOUL of Perseverance is the fifth human to fall after Chara's demise, and the first human to fall after the Waterfall Incident.

Gerson managed to find them in Snowdin, where the human had already received dirty looks but was fortunately not attacked. He managed to smuggle them past his own soldiers on he riverboat, which was not questioned due to his position as Captain of the Royal Guard, and kept them at his shop to keep them safe. There, the human began to read history books on the underground, and learned about the War, the Waterfall Incident, and how many souls it took to break the barrier[3]. Combined with the plaques and the whispers of other monsters, they began to feel guilty about the actions of other humans,and gained a negative image of themself. After Gerson went to get Toriel and the Mage so that they could live with them, they ran off, leaving a note and their glasses behind, and took their own life out of guilt by drowning themself, giving the monsters yet another soul they needed. When Gerson, Toriel and the Mage and returned to the shop, they found the human nowhere to be seen. After seeing the note, they rushed towards the river, but it was too late as the human had already drowned themself, their soul floating above the water[4].


The SOUL of Justice is the seventh human to fall Underground and the sixth after Chara's death. She killed monsters out of her own sense of justice and also tried to kill Toriel multiple times in a desperate attempt to go home[5]. The Mage responded to this by constantly reloading, but Justice would only get increasingly desperate with each reload. In one of the Mage's final reloads, Justice shot them, causing them to die and reload. Upon reloading, the Mage found Justice on her knees, shaking, before she saved and shot herself, preventing the Mage from undoing her death.





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