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Aw, don't look so glum, buddy! You should be smiling, too. Aren't you excited? Aren't you happy? YOU'RE going to be free...
— Flowey, Part 50

Flowey the Flower is the main antagonist of Inverted Fate. In his capacity as Asriel, God of Hyperdeath, he was responsible for accidently creating the alternate timeline in which the story takes place. Nonetheless, the fact that he was able to do this intrigues him; it leads him to try a vastly different strategy, introducing himself to Frisk as a friend, and roping PAPYRUS into his plans as well.



Flowey looks identical to his canon self; that is, a sentient golden flower with six bright yellow petals, a light-green stem, and the ability to contort his face into various grotesque expressions.


Flowey is a highly intelligent and manipulative individual, whose scheming holds no regard for the safety and well-being of anyone besides himself. He displays a lust for power, and a willingness to go to great lengths in order to achieve his goals. Flowey can display hypocrisy at times. Most notably when he describes Sans as "shady and untrustworthy" to Frisk and even Papyrus, even though he himself acts as such. He is not that good of a friend or ally, as he exploits off of Frisk's dire state after unintentionally resulting in the amalgamation of Undyne and Mettaton in order to get the human SOULs for himself.


In canon Undertale, Flowey was the result of Asriel Dreemurr's dust being scattered over a bed of golden flowers, one of which was subsequently injected with determination by Alphys. In the history of the rearranged timeline of Inverted Fate, however, the flower vessel was a creation of Papyrus, during his and Undyne's determination experiments. This led Papyrus to trust Flowey fairly quickly once he revealed himself to him, much to Flowey's amusement (and confusion).

Main Story

Flowey is first seen at the beginning of the Ruins, where he mocks an unknowing Frisk not remembering the previous timeline. Once he realizes this, he quickly uses it to his advantage, telling them that they're a new friend. He tells Frisk in later that he knows a way to break the barrier without anyone getting hurt, and persuades them to exit the Ruins. Flowey also tells them of their power to SAVE and LOAD, telling them it's like a game.

Flowey appears again in Snowdin Forest, helping out Frisk and unknowingly Papyrus deal with some troublesome teens bothering a snowman. Once Flowey tells Papyrus of his plan to break the barrier peacefully, Papyrus joins in. Flowey also meets Sans here, remembering the countless battles between them in the previous timeline. Sans tries to crack a joke at Flowey, but he runs away, making Sans skeptical.

The flower makes sporadic appearances afterwards trying to hide from Sans. Flowey helps out Frisk in Fort Aquarius. But once Frisk reveals their name, he gets furious at them because they thought they were Chara this whole time. Nonetheless, he continues to help Frisk and Papyrus out, as they are a vital part to the plan.

He continues to try to keep a low profile through Hotland, but that is quickly impossible to do because of the trial, where Sans and the snowman share the reveal of Flowey's existence. Flowey wrecks one of Undyne's robots in anger, and tails behind Frisk as they go throughout the Core. As he watches Frisk fight Mad Mew Mew, he finds out that his assumption of Frisk being with Chara to be true.

In New Home, Flowey becomes furious at the fact that Toriel adopted a new human child, and never bothered to clean up his former room. This backfires however, because of this Papyrus puts the pieces together and finds out that Flowey is Asriel. During the Toriel fight, Flowey snatches the container holding the Mage's SOUL when it falls off to "protect it from the fire", leading to Toriel trusting him and heading off with Sans. In the end, Flowey proceeds to absorb the Mage's SOUL along with the other human SOULs, and begins to set his plan into motion. He only needs the beliefs and presence of every monster in the Underground before him to achieve his ultimate ambition... Aswell as having Frisk finishing their victory lap.



  • Flowey is one of the only 4 characters who remember the last timeline- the other 3 being Chara, while Frisk and Mettaton have hazy deja vu of the past timeline.


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