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Don't you GET it, Papyrus? I'm not a good person! I just... I just ACT like one.

— Frisk, Part 21

Frisk is the protagonist of Inverted Fate. They are a twelve year old human with a red SOUL. Despite their humanity, strong determination, and their experiences in the previous world, they do not remember what happened beyond hazy deja-vu. Frisk is non-binary and uses they/them pronouns.



Fairly short, kinda scrawny, with messy, shoulder-length brown hair. Frisk typically squints due to their myopia, giving them their trademark closed-eye look, though there are times when their eyes will open wider, revealing perfectly normal, brown eyes. Their skin is usually depicted as yellow in their sprites, but canonically they have a tan skin color, which is shown in small-screen cutscenes starting from Part 48.

Back on the Surface and in the Ruins, their clothing of choice is a slightly worn, blue shirt with magenta stripes, along with blue pants.

In Snowdin, they now wear a purple hoodie with fuzzy trim, a matching purple beanie, black mittens and snow boots, and tan snow pants as well.

In Waterfall, they change clothes again, borrowing one of Sans' old hoodies, a "bonedanna" to cover their face, and a pink, padded T-shirt from Papyrus that says COOL KID in white letters. They retain the boots, snow pants, and mittens from their Ruins clothes.

In Hotland, they change clothes yet again, ditching the bandanna, hoodie, snow pants, and boots in favor of shorts and sneakers, though they keep the Cool Kid shirt.


Frisk tries their hardest to seem friendly, outgoing, cool, and confident. When meeting strangers, they try their best to put their best foot forward, eager to make friends and a positive impression. They enjoy making sassy quips (usually bad puns), can be a bit of a smartass, but are far from the mean-spirited sort. Their teasing comes from a place of caring, as does their flirting. And yes, this little dork can be quite the little Casanova.

They’re naturally curious, which drives them to poke around new places and things, even if it means observing every. Last. Snowpoff, or pulling strange crayon drawings after suspiciously placed cameras. This also leads to them being somewhat nosy and just a little suspicious at times. For as friendly as they seem, they aren’t stupid or naive, and they WILL call people out on behavior they find shifty… well, generally speaking.

See, like Papyrus, Frisk is riddled with insecurities. They want to feel important. Significant. They want to be noticed and loved. This leaves them wide open to manipulate under the right circumstances. Play to those insecurities, hit them at their absolute lowest moments, and their guard drops. Frisk has this habit of denial when they believe that things are going their way. Flowey promises a chance to free monsterkind and become a hero? Despite some mild frustrations and doubts, Frisk denies any possibility that Flowey is lying. Sans is a high ranking royal guard who by all means could kill them? Impossible! He’s done everything in his power to protect them, is a fun, laid back guy, why would he ever hurt them? He cares.

And that’s the thing. This Frisk… is kind of selfish, though they truly wish they weren’t. For as much as they care about others, they want to be cared for in return, which makes them quick to latch onto genuine kindness. They know that this is self-centered, and frankly, their own self-image is steeped in pessimism that has only grown since leaving the Ruins and being treated with so much hostility by the average monster.

And while they are pacifistic overall, once they’re set off, they can be grouchy, mean, and downright bull-headed. And should their cheerful facade break and they hit their lowest points, it can be difficult to pull them out of their slumps. Frisk worries. Frisk has trouble letting go of their screw-ups. They internalize again and again, try to hide their less than favorable characteristics and weaknesses.

Basically, this kid has issues, and where Papyrus is an optimist, Frisk is a pessimist pretending to be optimistic. But, hey, it’s an act that’s gotten them this far.



Frisk never knew their birth parents. They were brought up in an orphanage, and while the caretakers were far from abusive, the knowledge that they were more or less unwanted coupled with the sheer number of other kids left them feeling overlooked and invisible. They tried very hard to stand out, but it never felt like it was enough. Life was like a revolving door. Kids coming and going, while they stayed in the same place. There was only one constant in their life- a girl named Lilac, for whom they formed a strong friendship with.

Somehow, this girl was able to smile through the bad times, and it inspired Frisk to do the same. So they roped Lilac into their escapades, often sneaking out of the orphanage to get into all sorts of mischief. Mischief that ranged from stealing snacks from nearby stores, asking strangers off the streets to adopt them, and many dangerous and reckless antics that gave Frisk the reputation of a "problem child."

Despite this, they remained steadfast in their desire to find belonging and someone to genuinely love them. So, one day, they decided enough was enough. They hatched a plan to leave to Mt. Ebott, believing that if they were to "disappear," their faces would end up all over the papers, milk cartons, the news... Though hesitant, Lilac agreed, and the two set off for the mountain...

But Lilac got cold feet in the end, fearing for their lives and believing that there were better ways to get adopted. This outraged Frisk, who stubbornly pressed on, and when their friend tried to reason with them, they lashed out, punching the girl and sending her tumbling off a small cliff.

Though she didn't die, the injuries she sustained were severe, and Frisk never got a chance to apologize.

Since that day, Frisk has dreaded fighting. Moreover, they’ve adapted a rather negative self-image. They tried to cover it up by acting cheery and confident and cool. Feigning optimism in hopes that people would forget their screw up and maybe, just maybe, they’d stop being so overlooked.

But when that failed on the surface, when friendships continued to prove difficult to maintain, let alone start, they ran back to Ebott. Back to the plan, regardless of risks.

The Underground was the best thing to ever happen to them. There they found monsters who genuinely cared, formed friendships, and began to overcome their personal problems through their struggles and connections with others. They didn't do it perfectly the first time, though. They felt uncomfortable with Toriel being too overprotective of them, but still managed to convince her to let them leave the Ruins. They also killed Undyne because they didn't like her views on humanity and couldn't find a way to spare her, however, they felt guilty over her desperate refusal to die, and a phone call from Papyrus that followed soon after about him wanting them all to spend time together, so they reset and figured out how to get past her without killing her again. Eventually they defeated and spared Flowey, and were well on their way to the Pacifist ending, until Asriel triggered his second form. Ultimately, he managed to kill them, preparing to take their SOUL.


Their SOUL did not refuse.

The timeline reset. Six monsters swapped fates, and the Underground changed significantly. Frisk’s story, however, did not. They simply forgot the adventure they had before, save for vague deja vu. They came to the mountain just as they had before, and so the story began anew…

Main Story

Ruins Arc

Frisk fell into the Underground, wholly oblivious to their previous adventure. Curious and confused, they ventured forward until they encountered a strange, smiling Flower. A voice in their head spoke to them, voicing their thoughts. If that wasn't strange enough, the flower recoiled at their attempts to smell him and talked back. After exchanging some quips and some strange words from Flowey, the two formed a quick, if awkward friendship, with Flowey informing Frisk of the dangers of the Underground. His efforts ended abruptly when Asgore arrived, and Flowey ducked into hiding.

Frisk's reaction to the Ruins flowers. Whoa indeed.

Right away, Asgore greeted Frisk with kindness, something few adults in their life had ever granted. The flower gardens he'd planted in the next room took their breath away. But Flowey sprouted behind them when they tried to speak on his behalf, and he urged them to keep quiet. Though reluctant, Frisk played along, and the two continued through the Ruins. Along the way, Frisk found puzzled buried in vines, learned of a Spider Bakesale, flipped some switches, and learned how much the resident monsters looked up to Asgore. They even encouraged a shy and softspoken ghost, gaining acclaim among the Ruins monsters for an improv performance.

Soon, Asgore left to pick up some groceries, and though he invited Frisk along, that strange voice in their head reminded them of their "obligation" to Flowey, and they declined. After mingling with more monsters, they met up with Napstablook again, learning about Mettaton, their superstar cousin. What's more, Napstablook reiterated Flowey's warnings, mentioning that although the Ruins were comfortable and Asgore was a kind guardian, many monsters beyond the Ruins despised humanity and would sooner claim Frisk's SOUL than befriend them.

Though disheartened, Frisk shrugged it off as best they could, claiming that they could try and change the monsters' minds.


After parting ways, they finally encountered Flowey again, who urged them to meet him in the candy room up ahead. After some more unsettling deja-vu, they finally sat down with Flowey and confronted him with some pressing questions. Why was he acting like they were old friends when Frisk had never met him before? What was the deal with the Underground in the first place? What was Flowey's goal, and why couldn't they tell Asgore?

Flowey claimed that Frisk just reminded him of a friend he used to know, informed them of the barrier that trapped monsters underground, and furthermore promised a means to break it... so long as Frisk could assist him in reaching the queen. As for Asgore, he was already so busy and had so many obligations! Why burden him further? For the time being, this was enough for Frisk, and after grabbing some monster candies, the two continued on their way, with only a brief interruption via phone call halting them.

From there, Flowey assisted Frisk in the subsequent puzzles to an almost frustrating degree. He used his vines to cover cracked floors or provide a means for them to climb back up, he told them which pitfalls had correct switches, and left them with only the talking rock room after their protests. Once again, Frisk experienced some slight deja-vu, but pressed on in spite of this, and after flirting with Asgore, they SAVED and continued onward... when they encountered three suspicious punks.


The trio attacked Frisk despite their attempts to talk them down, and overwhelmed by three enemies at once and wary of fighting back, Frisk died in the battle... but their refusal to give up prompted them to reload for the first time in this new timeline, dragging them back to the mouse room, and back to Flowey.

Terrified and shaken by what just happened, they initially snapped at Flowey, until he reminded them that they just died and, more importantly, came back. The two discussed the implications of this, with Flowey explaining the nature of their SAVE and LOAD abilities and even coaxing Frisk to perform a manual reload. It worked, and that coupled with Flowey's apology and offering of a ribbon, plus a helpful reminder to use their healing items, satisfied Frisk for the time being.

They equipped the ribbon and continued on their way, stopping only briefly to call Asgore. Unfortunately, though they didn't admit to dying, the admission that they'd been hurt was enough to set Asgore off, and he blamed himself for his own negligence. Though he encouraged them to stay determined, it was clear that Frisk's words had stuck with him.

Nonetheless, Frisk pressed on, tackling the enemies one at a time, first by seeing through the Loox's insecurities and then by urging the Dummy not to cave to peer pressure. After some supportive words and a hug, the Dummy ditched its toxic "friends" and the battle ended peacefully, albeit with some lingering resentment from Frisk.


After a brief stop at the spider bakesale, Frisk went full speed ahead, running from every monster encounter that followed. Asgore called along the way, still worried but assuring them that they would meet up soon. As Frisk drew closer to his home, they made an impulsive choice- they called Asgore and asked if they could call him dad. Equally impulsive and overwhelmed with emotion, Asgore accepted, and though Flowey urged Frisk to reload, they stubbornly refused despite knowing that they'd be leaving him behind.

After grabbing a strangely familiar toy knife and a short conversation with a nearby Whimsun, Frisk finally reunited with Asgore outside of his home. Despite his worries, Frisk brushed it off like it was no big deal, and Asgore invited them inside. Frisk stopped only briefly to SAVE, hesitant but determined to push forward.


To Frisk's surprise, Asgore had even prepared a room for them, and that coupled with the promise of hot tea after a long journey added to Frisk's wariness. Moreover, the fact that the room had existing toys, old shoes and shirts, and even a photo frame raised more questions than it answered. The more Frisk looked around, the more it became clear that something was amiss. Moreover, Flowey kept reminding them not to drag things out, not only for their own sake, but Asgore's.

Desperate to get to the bottom of things, Frisk continued poking around the subsequent bedrooms, finding an old nose nuzzling trophy, a sweater that said "Mr. Dad Guy," and many other items suggesting that Asgore at one point had a family of his own. Yet again, Flowey urged Frisk to reload, but once more, they refused, adamant that this wouldn't really be goodbye.

But the fact remained that they'd have to tell Asgore sooner or later, so after a brief rest and an exploration of the living room and kitchen, they finally bit the bullet and confronted Asgore.To no one's surprise, Frisk's desire to leave alarmed Asgore, and he tried to talk them out of it, but before long, he relented and led them downstairs without a fuss.


However, a somber mood soon filled the air, as Asgore asked Frisk some pressing questions, expressed regrets over his own inability to protect others, and warned Frisk of potential dangers despite the queen's kindly nature. Above all else, he told them that there were some situations where they would have to fight- really, truly fight, and once they reached the door, he challenged them to battle.

Though at first Frisk tried to talk him out of it, Asgore insisted they fight, telling them it was just a simple sparring match. When he withstood the first hit, it seemed safe enough. Asgore was bigger. Asgore was strong. So Frisk pressed on, landing hit after hit as Asgore praised them for their efforts and reassured them... until one blow sent him to his knees, and he revealed that he had lied.

Furthermore, he told them that a human cannot pass through the barrier without a monster's SOUL, and that of all monsters, only he and the queen possessed SOULs strong enough for humans to absorb. Thus, due to a desire to spare the queen and partially due to his own guilt, he begged Frisk to take his SOUL and crumbled to dust before their eyes.

Too stunned to move, they watched his SOUL shatter. They couldn't even honor his last request.


Flowey appeared, chastising Asgore for his selfish actions, much to Frisk's chagrin, but when Flowey reminded Frisk that they could undo Asgore's fate, it didn't take long for them to reload and try again. Still shaken, they pushed through the same events in Asgore's house with less gusto, and once they reached the basement hall again, Asgore began connecting the dots, partially due to Frisk's awareness of his intentions to "test" them and partially due to a familiarity with feelings of deja-vu. Nonetheless, he refused to back down.

The second time around, Frisk tried talking him down by reminding him of his loved ones and all the monsters that depended on him. They also pointed out that regardless of what they left behind, that's not his burden to bear. Each time, Asgore's regrets shone through clear as day, and eventually Asgore revealed that yes, he'd met other humans, experienced deja-vu, and more importantly... he never heard from those humans again. Despite their likely deaths, he continued letting humans leave in hopes that Toriel would be able to save them.

He spoke as though he'd abandoned the world outside, as if he was a coward hiding in self-appointed exile, and how his actions and negligence paved the way for the more hostile world outside. Nonetheless, Frisk refused to fight, even as Asgore poured his heart out and begged for punishment. Lucky for Frisk, their words and actions eventually broke through, and once Asgore realized how much he'd hurt them as well as saw the strength in their convictions, he finally relented.


Hopeful that Frisk would break the cycle, he bid them farewell after providing them with winter clothes for the cold journey outside and a warm hug as a parting gift. He urged them to call him from time to time, and the two parted ways with mutual smiles.

Still, some things didn't add up. Once they'd passed the door, Frisk tried to speak to the voice in their head in hopes of getting some genuine answers. The voice refused, and so Frisk continued on to Flowey. There, Frisk tried yet again for a direct approach- pointing out that Flowey seemed to know a lot, and since he'd once held the power, he might've met them before. Flowey denied this, brushing the deja-vu off as a mystery even he didn't understand, but something they could figure out beyond the Ruins.

So, despite the lingering uncertainty, Frisk and Flowey pressed on to Snowdin.

Snowdin Arc

As Frisk went around Snowdin they meet The Skeleton Bros Sans & Papyrus gained both of them as allies as well as learned more of The Underground's history with Humans. After getting past Sans who like Asgore wanted to keep them in Snowdin moved on to Waterfall.

Fort Aquarius Arc


Waterfall Arc

After Frisk tumbled off the edge of the Quiz Bridge in the ensuing explosion of the final computer, they end up hearing a flashback to a conversation they had with Lilac prior to them both venturing off to Mt. Ebott. As Frisk heard the voice of their past self urging Lilac to head to the mountain with them despite the latter's hesitance, Frisk awoke from their fall in the Garbage Dump apologising to Lilac, only to find themselves alone. As their snarky narrator voiced their surprise to the sudden turn of events, Frisk instead decided to LOAD their SAVE in attempt to fix their blunder, determined not to mess up again.

Hotland Arc

After that, the team made it into Hotland where they finally met Undyne. She quickly tries everything in her power to kill Frisk including an obstacle course, a tournament, a Sailor Moon parody, and even a trial.

After PAPYRUS told Frisk the story about how he met "Santa Claus" and how he was essentially the father he wished he had, Frisk remarked at how Papyrus was just like them - an orphan, with no parents. Noticing the human's forlorn expression, Papyrus requests that they talk to them, which they agree to because of how open Papyrus about his own past. When asked about why they came to Mt. Ebott, Frisk finally opens up about theirs, telling him about how they'd been cast off at birth and brought up in an orphanage, and was always overlooked while almost everyone around them had gotten adopted sooner or later. Things were hardly constant in their life, except for a girl named Lilac, who'd been similarly overlooked by everyone else. The two became close friends, with Lilac's optimistic demeanor inspiring Frisk to don a persona of their own, and the went on various misadventures together, earning Frisk their reputation of being a "problem child".

But one day, Frisk grew tired of being overlooked, and hearing about a mountain in which people disappeared from, they hatched a plan to run off to Mt. Ebott and roped Lilac into it. If they disappeared, everyone would finally notice them, and maybe even take them in. But Lilac began to have second thoughts, which Frisk didn't take well. They ran off toward the mountain alone, and when she tried to stop them, Frisk punched her and caused her to fall off a small cliff. They never saw her again, and while Frisk tried to make up for it, they eventually couldn't take it anymore. so, they headed off to Mt. Ebott alone, returning to their plan. Desperate for someone to take them away from their hellish life on the surface, with said someone turning out to be PAPYRUS, who'd put up with the, in spite of their screw-ups, and even managed to make Frisk's optimistic "Cool Kid" persona feel less like an act.


Undyne manages to separate the duo causing to cry, unsure of what to do without Papyrus. As they cried Chara, who until now had just been a narrator, decided to help Frisk. Together, they went through the CORE and managed to solve all the puzzles. Eventually, they are stopped by Mad Dummy at the final door.

During their final encounter with Mad Dummy Frisk finds out that the Chara was a human just like them. However, Frisk was not aware unknown that the voice's true identity was in fact Chara. After agreeing to discuss this new discovery at a later date, the two eventually made it past the newly debuted Mad Mew Mew and stepped forward for their final showdown with Mettaton. Frisk pleads for Mettaton to stop attacking them, but the robot refused to listen and kept attacking. Eventually, with the hopes and dreams of all the monsters in the underground, he transforms into his original form, Mettaton SPIRAL.

As the two fought, Mettaton's ratings eventually reach their max limit. Mettaton then uses his "final, most explosive attack," which consisted of a barrage of blue bombs. These did nothing to harm Frisk, rather they created a large smokescreen. Mettaton yells for Frisk to head for the elevator.

Unfortunately, Undyne caught on and crashed the arena with a giant mech, the Determinator. She then tries to kill Frisk but with a brief phone call from Papyrus, Frisk is then able to effectively fight back, damaging the mech until it becomes clear it won't hold up any longer.

Frisk is conflicted at first, but then decides to rescue Undyne, knowing it would be what Papyrus would want. Despite being rescued, Undyne angrily refuses give up and attacks yet again, even though she was wounded.

Mettaton and Papyrus finally arrive just as Frisk, out of healing items and at 1 HP, saw no other option and dealt a fatal blow to Undyne, doing 999999 damage. Undyne then starts melting due to determination.

Mettaton tries to get her medical help, and Undyne yells at him to let go of her. Despite her warnings, Mettaton closed in on her in an attempt to rescue her, and both Frisk and PAPYRUS could only watch in horror as Undyne's body seeped through the gaps of his metal body, amalgamating with Mettaton's ghostly form within. Wracked with guilt, Frisk flew off on their jetpack, tears streaming down their face. Their vision was clouded with images from their past - Asgore, fading into dust after they had killed him; Lilac's glasses, lenses shattered and the frame bent horribly out of shape; Mettaton and Undyne, their forms now amalgamated together.

New Home + Loose Ends Arc


True Lab Arc


Victory Arc




  • Frisk's favorite video game has been stated to be Last Legend IX, a spoof of Final Fantasy IX.[1]
  • After their fallout with Lilac,[2] Frisk developed a case of myopia/nearsightedness, presumably on the weaker side of the spectrum, since they still have some of their eyesight.
    • Frisk does not have glasses because as an orphan, they were never able to see an optometrist and also because they're reminded of Lilac when they think about getting them.[2] They told Chara that they wouldn't want glasses because they would make them "look dweeby".
  • Frisk has the exact same backstory in the old timeline (before Asriel created a new world).
  • Chara being able to provide narration and talk to Frisk as a voice in their head as a result of them having an amalgamated SOUL. This is what allows Mad Mew Mew's "SOUL Fission" ability to "split" their SOUL, which Flowey uses to his advanatage.
    • This was based on how ourheart.png is one of the file names for the soul, which implies the SOUL is shared between Frisk and Chara, something also alluded to at various points in UNDERTALE.
  • Despite their SOUL half appearing cyan in the Mad Mew Mew fight, they are a naturally red-SOULed human. The cyan color was merely a side effect of the SOUL-splitting magic and to keep consistency with the mode in the Switch version of Undertale.
  • Riley will no longer voice Frisk in the Fireglobe Productions' official dub of the Inverted Fate comics due to health problems.


  • due to health problems
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