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Sure, humans have caused heaps of tragedy. But I ain't about to let a few rotten eggs ruin omelettes for me.
— Gerson, Part 24

Gerson is a resident of Waterfall and lived through the War and the Waterfall Incident. He was also one of the three heroes who fought Integrity.



Gerson is an elderly tortoise-like monster with olive-green skin and crooked teeth. He wears archaeologist attire, complete with a tan pith helmet. He sports a goatee and is unable to open his right eye.


Gerson is friendly and dislikes conflict. He immediately recognizes Frisk as a human when he first meets them and tells them not to blame themselves for the actions of other humans. Despite having lived through both the human and monster war and the Waterfall Incident, he does not hate humans and believes that it's not fair to judge an entire species.


Gerson plays a significant role in the History of Inverted Fate, as a hero of the war between humans and monsters, the captain of the Royal Guard before Alphys, and one of the three heroes who brought an end to the Waterfall Incident.

One day when Gerson was still the leader of the Royal Guard, he found a human with glasses and a notebook. He took the human into his shop and kept them safe there, and the human started to read about the history of the underground. Once they found out about the Waterfall Incident and how many human souls it takes to break the barrier, they started to feel guilty about the incident and how the monsters are trapped underground. Gerson tried to get their hopes up, and eventually tried to give the human to Toriel and The Mage so that they could live with them. But it was too late, because the human drowned themselves in the river nearby, giving up their soul to the monsters.

Main Story

Gerson is mentioned in earlier parts of the comic, but he makes his first physical appearance in Part 24, where he is seen arguing with The Snowdin Trio at the Forgespring graveyard.

He is seen later in Part 25, where Frisk talks with him and buys some items from his shop.

He appears again in Part 33 in the audience of the tournament, but doesn’t say anything throughout the chapter.

He later appears in Interlude 2, where he appears as a guest on Mettaton's newscast and tries to talk some sense into Undyne, discussing the complications of Frisk’s presence underground.

His appears again in Part 49 as one of the monsters who call Mettaton to tell Undyne to let Frisk go, arguing that being a hero means making tough choices, and letting some people down.

His latest appearance as of yet is in Part 60, where he’s seen talking to Masa and another NPC regarding their future with their shops on the surface.


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