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Welcome to the official wiki of Inverted Fate, an Undertale webcomic created by Dorked (also known as Derpisms).

This wiki is a work in progress, so please pardon the mess! We hope to get things situated very soon.


Know the residents of Asriel's inverted timeline.

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How the reset transformed the world.

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The lore of this universe.

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Learn more about Inverted Fate's OST.

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About Inverted Fate
Inverted Fate takes place after a failed True Pacifist Route. Frisk was defeated, and Asriel began to reshape the timeline, but the power overwhelmed him, and he lost control. Returning to the Ruins, he awakens in a new timeline, where six crucial pieces have shuffled about, and the consequences of the characters’ decisions in their new lives have drastically reshaped the world.

When Frisk returns, they lack any clear memories of the old timeline, so Flowey sees a new opportunity. He “befriends” Frisk for his own ulterior motives, promising a chance at heroism, recognition, and friendship. They’re later joined by PAPYRUS, the goofy lab assistant to threatening scientist Undyne. He promises to protect Frisk at all costs, but doing so may well turn the rest of the Underground against them, for the characters' choices and consequences have snowballed over time, leaving monsters even more resentful toward humans.


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JustARandomGamer093 JustARandomGamer093 7 November 2020

Issue with editing

It might just be me, but this new form of editing is reaaly hard for me. It seems a lot more cramped, and we lost our favorite font when typing the draft. Sure this might help the mobile people, but it makes it a lot, lot harder for us computer people. I would propose that we go back to the way that we used to edit, like, 10 hours ago. ;) 

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