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HAAAHAHAHA! Welcome to my shop!

I am Masa, you have money, so let's do business!

Masa, Part 24A

Masa is an original character in Inverted Fate. He is a blacksmith who runs a shop in Forgespring.



Masa is a portly fish monster with red hair, pointy yellow teeth and a red fin on his chin reassembling a beard. He wears an apron, a light grey t-shirt and a matching headband.


Masa is boisterous, sociable and opinionated. Due to his physicality and outspoken nature, some people mistakenly believe him to be related to Undyne. He holds the Royal Scientist in high esteem, admiring her passion for her work and seeing her as an inspirational figure. Conversely, he dislikes Mettaton and is highly vocal about his distaste for the celebrity.


Masa was born roughly a decade after the Waterfall Incident. He lived in Forgespring with his grandfather and grew up hearing stories about the incident.

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