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The Mechamalgamates are a group of monsters brought back from being "fallen down" by Undyne and PAPYRUS. Injected with determination amounts monsters couldn't handle, they collapsed into each other and became horrific creatures.To prevent the monsters from collapsing any further, Undyne would place them in robotic bodys, hence the "Mecha".

They appear in the True Lab arc as bosses.



A bird-like Mechamalgamate with a dangling tongue, torn butterfly wings, and bloodshot eyes. It is the alternate version of Reaper Bird.


A three headed dog-like Mechamalgamate with pipes all over, a rotating scorpion tail, and oozing Dog Residue. It is the alternate version of Endogeny.


A broken-down Snowdrake Mechamalgamate with vegetable monsters on their shoulders. It is the alternate version of Snowdrake's Mother.


An anglerfish mermaid Mechamalgamate with a second head for a neck. It is the alternate version of Lemon Bread.

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