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The Memoryheads are a group of 4 bizarre monsters that encounter in the True Lab. They are able to affect machines and control them, which enabled them to possess Mettaton and have him attack Frisk, PAPYRUS, and Alphys.



The first Memoryhead appears to be a misshapen combination of several eyes and two horns, with one of Papyrus's arms from the original timeline as a "tail."

The second has a strange, distorted looking head with Sans's eye, a gritted mouth, a Mettaton EX leg, and a long, horn-like protrusion that looks to be some sort of arm.

The third is round and is the only one that has no "horns" or "arms." It has two faces mashed into it, one resembling Mystery Man’s face and the other resembling UNDERTALE Undyne’s melting face.

The fourth resembles a large bug, and has a Photoshop Flowey eye with two of Asriel's Chaos Sabers as "wings".

In battle, they all float up and down while frequently dissolving into glitchy, staticky messes before reforming.


They speak in red text and often quote often unused text, error handling messages and random NPC dialogue. It is unknown what their goal was, but they


They are creatures made from the scraps of old timelines caused by Gaster's shattering and Flowey's resets.

Main Story

They are first encountered in the True Lab by Frisk, Alphys and PAPYRUS while trying to find Mettaton. After Alphys hits Mettaton with an Electric Beam, they are revealed.


  • Although there were originally only three Memoryheads, Asriel's failed attempt to reset time created the fourth.
  • Like the original game, attacking them (or Mettaton when they possess him) has no effect.

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