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But the truth is... For as much as I adore the spotlight... What I need now isn't a fan, but... a friend.
— Mettaton, Part 53

Mettaton, formerly known as Mettacrit, is the Underground's prime showman and celebrity, as well as a human eradication robot designed by Royal Scientist Undyne.

He is a supporting character in Inverted Fate who aids Frisk and Papyrus on various occasions while keeping up the pretense of being on Undyne's side.



Box Form

Mettaton is a grey box-shaped machine with a yellow screen, red shades which change shape based on his emotions, and brown dials. He moves around using a single, spiked wheel, and wears red spiked pauldrons and a cape.


In his SPIRAL form, Mettaton retains his large, spiked pauldrons, but the rest of his body transforms into that of a handsome, glamorous red-orange colored knight in flaming armor, complete with a fiery sword. He also sports transparent star-shaped glasses. Outside of battle, his flaming wings transform into a cape similar to that of his box form. The thumbnail for the Downward SPIRAL video reveals a switch on Mettaton's back, though it is unknown what function (if any) it serves.

In his DOWNWARD SPIRAL form, after Mettaton's been corruped by the memory heads, His SPIRAL body corrupts. His once-fiery wings turn into a web of ooze. Goo drips from his body. He wears a sad expression and his face corrupts frequently.


Mettaton remains as over the top and bombastic as his Undertale counterpart. At a glance, one might even assume he's just as egotistical with his frequent brand promotions. However, beneath this charismatic exterior lies a troubled artist forced to suppress his true feelings and desires. While Mettaton admires humanity, he's forced to keep a lid on it and play the part of an anti-human defender and pander to audience expectations.

Unlike his canon counterpart, this Mettaton has kept his friends and family in his life and is much humbler. Because Undyne would not build his robot body without him being honest with those he cherishes, he's much more grounded and hasn't let his stage persona consume him. As a result, he's generally kinder as well, as Undyne's influence has prevented his ego from growing out of control. A prime example is the lack of Mettaton fountain in his hotel, as the old memorial still stands (albeit with some vandalism).

Deep down, he's a very jaded monster who feels lonely despite legions of fans, as so few of those fans care to get to know him beyond a surface level. He also longs to embrace his true creative vision and morals, which is a large reason why he's helped Frisk and Papyrus wherever possible. Despite his circumstances, he doesn't truly hate Undyne- merely resents the hateful mindset her actions brought forth.


He is the superstar of the Underground, just like before, but his shows tend to take on a more action/anime theme. Nonetheless, he still runs a variety of programs and even has a streaming site called Mettflix.

Undyne built his robot body as a favor to Alphys and because she enjoys making monsters’ dreams come true. However, she only did so after he promised to stay in touch with Napstablook and Shyren. Thus, they remain a big part of his life as costars and part of his sound team.

His body has actual anti-human weaponry. Undyne felt that he needed it in order to defend his fans and his loved ones should the situation call for it. He accepted solely because this was his chance to get closer to his dream body.

He conceals his true feelings toward humanity, pandering to his audience for the sake of keeping his dream alive. However, he hates sacrificing his creative integrity and has grown rather bitter.

Main Story

Ruins Arc

Although his first physical appearance isn’t until Waterfall, Mettaton is first mentioned throughout the Ruins. During Napstablook’s encounter,they commented on how their cousin would react to their situation, before claiming ‘it could wait’.


Furthermore,several echo flowers in the Ruins’ Bridge Seed Puzzle room repeat a conversation between Napstablook and Mettaton, where Mettaton comments on the Ruins’ ‘lack of a certain of spark’, and announces his plan to ‘revolutionize the Ruins’.

At the Long Hallway, a poster of Mettaton can be seen. When Napstablook is encountered later in the same room, they invite Frisk to watch ‘their cousin’s show’ on TV, and introduces him as ‘the underground’s biggest star’, describing his personality and revealing his secret adoration for humanity, which they tell Frisk not to tell anyone to avoid ‘making things awkward’ due to his status as an anti-human weapon.

Snowdin Arc

In Snowdin, Mettaton's influence is shown further. When PAPYRUS received a call from Undyne, his ringtone is shown to be a chiptune remix of It’s Showtime; one of Mettaton’s themes.

Later on, when Sans suggested that Frisk could stay at their house, Papyrus, seeing it as a sleepover, enthusiastically suggests various activities they could do together, including ‘staying up late watching Mettflix’, which appears to be a streaming service based around Mettaton.


At Sans’ house, the three of them tune in to a MTT-news broadcast featuring Mettaton as its anchorman. During the newscast, Mettaton revealed the presence of a human, and interviewed the Snowdin Trio, who had fled all the way to Hotland and later Napstablook about their encounters with the human. While the Trio and Napstablook had different stances on the Frisk’s alignment, Mettaton did not oppose either of them, claiming it was not his place to judge (yet), and presented a clip provided by Undyne containing photographic proof of Frisk’s presence.

Sometime after the events of Sans’ battle with Frisk and PAPYRUS, Mettaton gave Alphys a call, where he and Alphys discussed matters related to the new human’s arrival as well as sans. During the call, he asserted that she didn’t have to bury her true feelings in favor of her idealized image of a royal guard as it would only bring her pain, and she should avoid forcing herself into a situation similar to his own, and reminded her she should stand up for her own convictions. However, she would ultimately put the advice aside in favor of ‘her obligation to the rest of monsterkind’.

Fort Aquarius Arc


At Forgespring, Mettaton was preparing for an upcoming performance when he received a call from Sans, who asked about 'Pap and the kid'. Mettaton questioned whether it was true that Papyrus had befriended the human, which Sans confirmed and admitted that he too had been 'won over' by them.

Mettaton then questioned whether Alphys knew about it, which Sans denied and expressed his suspicions about Frisk and Papyrus passing through Fort Aquarius instead of taking the riverboat, which Mettaton confirmed when he mentioned the blackout at Fort Aquarius. When Sans decided he had to take action, Mettaton suggested that he do so instead due to his presence at Waterfall,which Sans declines and questions whether he had heard from Alphys, whom Mettaton hadn't heard from since their last call.

Sans then warned MTT about a 'talking flower', which Mettaton initially considered incredible news due to it meaning at least part of the Determination Experiments succeded and that Papyrus would be thrilled,until Sans informed him of his suspicions about the flower's motives, and requested he give him a call if he were to see the 'weed'.

Waterfall Arc

Mettaton Epic Entrance.jpg

Waterfall marks Mettaton's first appearance in person. During Bratty and Catty’s battle, when the duo were beginning to feel conflicted about capturing Frisk, Mettaton intervened and proclaimed the duo as the winners of a spontaneous sweepstakes, and suggested that he dealt with the human instead. He then proceeded to engage battle with Frisk, which successfully convinced the duo to leave. Mettaton then announced his ‘biggest twist yet’,and revealed the whole battle was simply a distraction to allow Frisk to escape. He then asked Frisk if they would ‘smooch a ghost’, and revealed his true intentions of helping Frisk when asked, but then suggested they relocate to somewhere more private before elaborating further.

Before heading to Napstablook’s, Mettaton took Frisk on a detour to Alphys’ house. He then noted how despite being an enemy of theirs, her home ‘reeked of human culture’, which Frisk considered not very surprising due to several examples of her apparent interest in human culture, and considered her situation to be complicated, which Mettaton affirmed.

The two of them then headed to Napstablook’s house. Upon their arrival, the Spooky DJ expressed their concerns about their safety. Frisk complimented the state of their house, which Napstablook explained was enlarged by Papyrus’ ‘fancy science ray’, which was suggested by Mettaton as a favor to his cousin. Mettaton then stated he would call Papyrus as soon as possible, before coming to a sudden realisation and excused himself, stating it was ‘his turn to feed the snails’ and left abruptly.


Telling Frisk not worry as 'it happened sometime', Napstablook gave Frisk a tour of their residence. Upon seeing the poster of Mettaton, Frisk mentioned how it 'took them way back', despite it only having a day since they saw it previously, while Napstablook noted much had changed since then despite the short time. Napstablook’s computer was open to a music editor, where the ghost was working on a new song for Mettaton, ‘something fast, rockish’ for an upcoming, top-secret event, which they thought should be cool and could even help Mettaton feel something, before abruptly trailing off, claimeing ‘it was nothing’ for Frisk to worry about. When Napstablook mentioned how the MTT-brand Keyboard also came with Retro Spook Samples, Chara considered it surprisingly thoughtful, which Napstablook agreed with, noting how it was nice stardom hadn’t changed Mettaton too much.

Napstablook also noted Mettaton was behind several of the residence’s best furnishings, as well as the Golden MTT statue. When Frisk asked about it, Napstablook revealed it was made of real gold and must have cost a fortune, which Frisk considered simply a gesture that showed he cared. However, Napstablook considered being with Mettaton enough to make them happy, and that he should be happy as well, not trapped. But when Frisk asked about it, Napstablook decided against telling them due to it being something personal. When the two looked at a poster for Mettaton’s Space Opera movie, Napstablook stated Frisk might change their mind about liking Mettaton’s spiked wheel when they saw the ‘surprise’, which Frisk hoped would be an ‘over the top anime transformation’.

Not long after, Mettaton returned to the residence with something important to discuss - namely the Captain. He asked Frisk what was their initial impression of her - ‘torn, trying to act tough but didn’t truly want of it’, which he affirmed. Mettaton then explained how he and Alphys had known each other for years, and she had been acting wildly out of character as ‘the real Alphys would never hurt others’ and had a love for humanity, only wishing to be a ‘hero; a shining star’. He explained further that she could not put her foot down either to avoid sparking controversy, and had to abandon her morals to please her ‘audience’. When asked why she joined the guard in the first place, Mettaton recounted when the hatred for humans remained suppressed and unseen due to Queen Toriel’s influence until three years ago, when a bold new experiment unearthed a series of tapes that cast the royal children’s deaths in ‘a twisted new light’, causing ‘old wounds to open’ and for people to cry out for vengeance, forcing Alphys to play along, being Captain of the Royal Guard.


Frisk then recounted how ‘Blook’ called the shining star a human fan as well, which resulted in Mettaton admitting to pandering to his audience for the sake of his dreams, which Frisk managed to relate to due to them ‘putting on an act’ as well. Mettaton warned Frisk of what was to come in Hotland and offered to assist them indirectly by ‘bending the rules’, on one condition - that they help Alphys, talk to her, and stop her from breaking herself apart. After agreeing that they’d do their best, Frisk was offered ‘a tour of their hometown’ by Mettaton and Napstablook instead of just waiting for Papyrus, with Frisk being under the guise of one of Mettaton’s new interns to ensure their safety,


Frisk, Mettaton and Napstablook then proceeded to travel through Forgespring. As the three traveled, they came across a statue of Toriel, The Mage, and Gerson and discussed about the three heroes depicted, with Mettaton hinting at the fact that the Mage was actually a human. The trio later arrived at the school at which Mettaton, Napstablook, Alphys, Undyne and the other residents of Forgespring had studied at. Napstablook recounted how it used to be nice there with Toriel having used to given speeches there, until Undyne leaked the tapes. They also discussed how the school's curriculum had recently begun to focus on combat due to students' increasing desire to join the Royal Guard, which Napstablook did not understand.

The trio then passed by Spout Wassar’s Shop, which Mettaton did not allow Frisk to shop at due to considering Spout a con-artist. Later on, they visited Masa’s Weapon Shop, where Masa gave his somewhat distasteful opinions on Mettaton, causing the shining star to remind him of his presence, which the shopkeeper had apparently acknowledged. Frisk, Napstablook, and Mettaton then travelled North and encountered Shyren, who was preparing for a performance that were to take place after the ‘surprise in Hotland’. Mettaton then stated that he would be announcing something important in the future, and hinted to various monsters that he would soon have a humanoid form.

The three then travelled to the town's cemetery, where they encountered Gerson, who was unsuccessfully attempting to convince the Snowdin Trio to leave until Mettaton reminded the teens they should be preparing for their testimonies in the upcoming trial. Mettaton and co. then talked to Gerson, who almost called Mettaton by his old name (or a nickname derived from it) before the shining star corrected him. They later encountered Monster Kid oustide Undyne’s house, with the child being extremely awestruck by the star’s presence. Mettaton also advised Frisk to keep their distance from the house to avoid being spotted by the fully functional camera.

As Mettaton was about to send Frisk off to continue out of Waterfall toward Hotland, PAPYRUS arrived. Papyrus embraced Frisk in a hug, not noticing Mettaton. Mettaton stated that he was glad that Papyrus was there, but that Mettaton must leave them. The group agreed that they will meet again in Hotland, but were aware that it would be in different circumstances due to how Mettaton would have to act as Frisk and Papyrus's adversary


During Alphys’ hangout with Frisk and PAPYRUS, Mettaton is mentioned and alluded to several times. When Frisk noticed the golden MTT statue and noted the similarities to the one at Napstablook’s home, Alphys explained that it was an original Mettaton insisted she take. She also told of how she met Mettaton before his rise to stardom -at his human fan club, which Papyrus expressed interest in joining. At Alphys’ shelf of top-tier manga, Papyrus noticed a cover featuring a man who was ‘shamelessly ripping off Mettaton’s looks’, until Alphys explained that Mettaton had likely based his looks on him instead. Alphys later checked the UnderNet on her computer, where a comment by Mettaton could be seen on Sans’ ‘Dohj meme’, where the shining star commented on how Dohj’s giddy appearance in the image macro was a refreshing change, and asked Sans if he was interested in becoming his official photographer due to the ‘word bubble camera’ used for it. Sans then suggested Papyrus be asked instead due to him being the one behind the camera’s creation, which Mettaton agreed to do, causing Papyrus to become elated. At the end of the hangout, Alphys expressed hope that Frisk and PAPYRUS would be able to help Mettaton as well.

After the hangout, Mettaton gave Papyrus a call outside Alphys’ house, requesting to speak to Frisk. He told of how ‘a little bird’ told him they had succeeded in stopping Alphys, which he expressed gratitude for. He also warned Frisk about how things in Hotland were ‘rather tense’ due to gossip from news spread on the UnderNet, and metioned having a few surprises in mind for them, as well as Blooky’s offer to let them rest at their place, if needed.

Hotland Arc

MTT lab intervention.jpg

As Undyne fought furiously against Frisk and PAPYRUS in her laboratory, Papyrus pointed out how Frisk was set to appear on MTT's TV shows- a trial, at the very least. Though Undyne bluffed and tried to brush these comments aside, her act fell apart as soon as Mettaton arrived on the scene and revealed that she'd signed a contract allowing him to feature the human on all of his shows before she could actually kill them. Mettaton revealed not only he had been there the entire time, but he had also been recording their encounter, much to Undyne's dismay. Undyne attempted bluffing about it being her plan all along,which Mettaton expressed doubt on.

Undyne ended the battle, but claimed she would still be keeping her promise, but she didn't want to miss out on a chance to inspire everybody by killing Frisk then. Additionally, Frisk was a real human, so she couldn't whave it end too soon, and suggested their final showdown should be huge and epic, while Mettaton pointed out her sudden change in demeanor upon realizing she was on live TV. As Undyne reluctantly gave them access to the lab and left to prepare for the upcoming trials, Frisk attempted to thank Mettaton for his intervention, but he suggested they do so when Undyne was out of earshot and left soon after. On Papyrus’ side of the lab, a signed poster of MTT can be seen, as well as a projection detailing blueprints for ‘fire wings, a fire sword and giant drills’, the latter of which Papyrus told Frisk not to look at due to being a secret.

Outside the lab, Frisk received a message from Mettaton, who told them to stay calm and avoid mentioning the message out loud, informed them of the alterations Undyne made to the puzzles up ahead and warned them to act natural due to the possible presence of Undyne’s cameras.

Moonlight Mettaton Appears!.png

Mettaton made his return alongside Undyne in an over-the-top magical girl parody, the first of his many shows (not counting the lab battle). Undyne bickered with the robotic TV star over her role as the ‘Masked Tuxedo’ due to considering the character useless, while Mettaton insisted he retain his role as ‘Moonlight Fuku’ due to considering himself the only one qualified to play the role of a ‘shining beacon of love’, while Monster Kid felt conflicted due to not knowing which of his idols to support. While Frisk and PAPYRUS attempted to sneak past them, Undyne caught on and blocked their way with a spear. As the show begun, Mettaton proclaimed Frisk as ‘an evil minion of Dark Lord Chara’ and Papyrus as a ‘brainwashed underling’, and after Monster Kid and him exchanged a few lines of dialogue about a ‘superhero princess among them that could right their wrongs’, he underwent an over-the-top anime transformation and transformed into ‘Moonlight Mettaton’, complete with sailor fuku.

To ‘purge the evil in their heart’, Moonlight Metta unleashed a ‘dazzling heart blast’, which turned out to just be a swarm of healing heart projectiles, while Frisk played along and described their ‘evil melting away’ through stereotypical demonstrations of love. However, Undyne returned not long after as the ‘Masked Tuxedo’, but deviated from the script completely by taking a more active and aggressive role. After monologuing anime-style about bringing justice to evildoers, she hurled spear after spear at Frisk, while Mettaton decided against attacking due to Undyne’s request to have the spotlight. Unfortunately for her, both Frisk and Papyrus made a mockery of her attacks, dodging and performing stylish poses to up the ratings.

Furious, Undyne activated a trap door that dropped the two onto a giant conveyor loop with four basketball hoops, designed to make the human vomit four times consecutively, which both Mettaton and Papyrus considered disgusting. She didn't intend for Papyrus to get trapped as well, but a gravity field disabling Frisk's jet-pack rendered both of them trapped, and Mettaton could not rescue Papyrus either, lest he and Undyne become trapped as well. Frisk ultimately managed to escape the puzzle through clever use of Dog Residue, but Undyne’s actions, such as dragging Papyrus into the puzzle and using scare tactics on Monster Kid prompted them to actively call out her behaviour, only serving to anger her further. Fortunately, Mettaton reasoned with Undyne to stop her from ‘spoiling the season finale’, causing her to snap out of her blind rage and calming her down briefly. Announcing the end of the episode and what was to come, Mettaton signed off and left the area.

Not long after, MTT sent Frisk another message, warning them about the large quantity of unfair obstacles in the next few rooms, including steam vents, and offered his condolences to Papyrus due to the latter’s presence.


Mettaton and Undyne returned once again as part of a gratuitous anime tournament parody. When the duo made it to the dojo, Mettaton was making several announcements but was cut short by Undyne, who told him to cut to the chase. He additionally announced prizes for betting, including an autograph session for Napstablook and a candlelit dinner with himself, with Frisk and Papyrus betting on each other. He and Undyne both invited the competitors, while Undyne initially took more of a side role while Mettaton acted as referee. Frisk and Papyrus fought competitor after competitor and wowed the crowds. But then the Final Round arrived, and both Undyne and Mettaton challenged the duo for the title of champion.

While Undyne gave it her all, Mettaton and Papyrus sneakily played to her ego, tricking her into charging a "special attack". During this time, the Annoying Dog snuck on stage, and Frisk flung the canine directly at Undyne's face. To top it all off, a pretend uppercut from Papyrus "knocked" MTT into Undyne and sent the two out of the ring. Undyne, of course, saw through MTT's bluff and pressured the robot to give the audience a taste of his anti-human weaponry.

Run For Your Life! .png

A chase ensued, with Undyne riding atop MTT while Frisk and Papyrus fled via jet-pack and hover board respectively. Both Undyne and MTT hurled attack after attack at Frisk, but every step of the way, Papyrus continued to protect them at risk of his own safety. By the time the duo escaped, Undyne snapped at Mettaton, blaming him for Papyrus' endangerment. Of course, MTT rightfully corrected her, as it was her choice to pursue them in the first place. This only served to frustrate her further, but then Mettaton compelled her to think about what she was about to say, and how her actions thus far had affected Papyrus. Mettaton stated he hoped his previous attacks were an adequate demonstration of his anti-human weaponry, and while Undyne accused him of not taking things seriously, he replied by denying the claim and suggested the benefit of drawing out the conclusion. Undyne was still not convinced that his knockout was sincere, prompting him to sarcastically express appreciation of her ‘support’, which resulted in Undyne expressing understanding to why his frycook couldn’t stand him.

Mettaton returned once more as the anchorman of MTT News in a special newscast featuring Undyne. While Undyne initially thought of the show as a plot to humiliate her, Mettaton reminded her of the possibility of humiliating herself if she kept up her attitude. Reluctantly, she agreed to play along and quickly switched to her usual, over-the-top demeanour, a turnaround Mettaton was impressed with. During the show, Undyne tried keeping her cool and attempted to reassure the masses about everything that had transpired and her desire to fulfill her promise. However, MTT questioned whether the audience had changed their views on the human regarding recent events, He showcased footage, and questioned Undyne’s motives, emphasizing the dangers her puzzles had brought. Furthermore, several guests appeared to challenge Undyne further, like Monster Kid, who found themself torn between their idolization of Undyne and Frisk's friendliness. Dohj raised concerns with Alphys' convictions and feared for her safety, should another war come to pass, Gerson, resented the vicious cycle surrounding humans in the Underground and the likelihood of it continuing on the surface.


What's more, he challenged Undyne's convictions, seeing them as reckless, while Undyne argued that the freedom was worth the risk and that Toriel needed her to fulfill her promise. After all, if Undyne didn't, then the queen most certainly would have to face Frisk in the end. But rather than stop there, she blamed all the suffering and hardships, not only on humanity but on Frisk, while nearly snapping in front of the audience.

Undyne barely managed to recover when Gerson left, but Napstablook's arrival brought further pressure upon Undyne when they asked if she was truly happy following this path. So many valuable points flew at her, from Blooky's own closeness to Frisk, to Papyrus' continued support, the mountain of responsibility upon Undyne's shoulders, and Alphys' refusal to contact her. Thus, she reached a breaking point, forcing MTT to cut the broadcast.

Mettaton would later preside as the judge over Frisk’s trial, where PAPYRUS acted as defence and Undyne as prosecutor. As the trial began, MTT welcomed the audience and almost began an ego trip fortunately interrupted by Undyne. He also relished Papyrus and Undyne’s ‘shouting match’ due to providing additional entertainment value despite the trial not having started yet. After briefly kidding about asking for Papyrus’ closing statement, he asked for Undyne’s opening statement, officially beginning the trial.

Mettaton Trial Screenshot.jpg

As the trial went on, with Undyne and Papyrus on opposing ends, Mettaton carried out his duties as the judge and oversaw the trial. The first witnesses, the Snowdin Trio provided a flimsy testimony, with ‘evidence’ that consisted of a photo of ‘bloody crime scene’ despite the fact monsters biologically lacked blood. Nevertheless, Mettaton acted as if it were a shocking revelation that evidenced Frisk’s guilt, and even inserted a sponsor message before their cross-examination. However, Papyrus objected, bringing up valuable evidence against and flaws in their testimony, casting suspicion on their remaining claims.

But Undyne brought up one last point - the ‘killer death pellets’, unique from the magic signature of any monster in their magic databases, and suggested Frisk had cast a spell against the trio. Papyrus was then caught in a dilemma, wanting to prove Frisk was innocent but not wanting to expose Flowey, but he proved that the ‘pellets’ were physical attacks instead of magic, and suggested they were the work of a third party. Sans, having just arrived at the court as a witness further elaborated on these claims and shifted the suspicion to Flowey instead, supported by the Snowman’s words. With then last piece evidence, Mettaton concluded Frisk’s only crime their threatening remark, which was justified by the circumstances, and although ‘the flower’ added a new layer of complexity, he had seen enough to deliver his verdict.

Undyne objected once more, bringing up the real crime: breaking into Fort Aquarius, which Mettaton took as an opportunity to prolong the trial and give his viewers extra content. After a commercial break, MTT welcomed his viewers back and the trial begun once more. After Mettaton asked Undyne for a refresher about past events, Papyrus and Undyne had a brief argument which was interrupted by Mettaton, who reminded them of the limited time slot despite how compelling the argument was, and called for the next witness - Bassiere von Dohj III. However, instead of Frisk, Dohj proceeded to cast blame on Papyrus instead, accusing him of insubordination and treason, which Mettaton considered heavy accusations, and announced the start of another cross examination. Papyrus managed to disprove the former accusation, as since he was aide to the royal scientist, he was part of the Queen’s inner circle and was therefore Dohj’s superior, which she found ludicrous. This also pushed Undyne to stop her prosecution to defend Papyrus.

Nevertheless, Dohj amended her testimony to accuse Papyrus of treason instead of insubordination. Her points served foolproof, and the evidence was stacked against both Frisk and Papyrus. All hope seemed lost until Undyne had the brilliant idea of objecting to Dohj's testimony by saying she didn't make Papyrus look cool enough. This resulted in Papyrus, Undyne, Frisk and even Mettaton and Sans relentlessly poking holes in in Dohj's testimony. This pushed Dohj to her limits, until MTT's comment about what mattering most in television, pushing her off the edge and causing her to lash out in a burning rage. As her 'flames' died out, Sans took her place as the witness, and he delivered more testimony against Flowey and cast doubt on Undyne's actions. Sans brought up more valid points against Flowey, causing Papyrus to try to attempt to fight back against these claims.

As things were getting stressful for Papyrus, Mettaton announced he had heard enough to draw his final verdict and stated he had an epiphany. In a surprise plot twist, he determined the culprit as 'the human's evil twin' due to existence of Papyrus' interdimensional transporter and thus declared Frisk 'Not Guilty'.

After the trial, Mettaton greeted Frisk and Papyrus in the Defendant Lobby, and informed Papyrus that he stood by Sans' concerns about 'the flower', and advised him to think carefully about how he were to proceed, but offered to give him the benefit of the doubt. Undyne stepped in not long after and requested to talk to Mettaton in private.


Away from the courtroom, Undyne and Mettaton had their talk. While Mettaton failed to see what Undyne was worked up about, she accused him of going easy on Frisk, and told him to step it up if he really cared about his cousin and friends. With a steely expression, he told her he understood. Mettaton is seen once more with Napstablook at the entrance to the CORE. While Blooky was unsure if he wanted to go through with it, he insisted on sticking with his promise to his viewers of a show, and told them that he was happy and that everything was fine, despite his expression and incorporeal ghost form appearing moments after, revealing he had not fused with his body.

Not long after, Frisk and Papyrus made it to the MTT Resort and Spa, which Frisk was initially stunned in awe upon seeing. At the entrance, a pair of Mettaton statues wearing coconut bikinis can be found. An employee at the resort informed them of how their appearances had drastically boosted tourism in the area and the resort was booked solid, but Mettaton had insisted the suite be reserved for them. In the MTT-brand Burger Emporium, the duo encounter the disgruntled frycook Burgerpants, who informed them of his boss’s request for them to be given a special discount, and recounted his past experiences with Mettaton as well as his opinions on him, the latter of which were not well received by Frisk and Papyrus.

MTT-breaking news.jpg

Upon arriving at their suite in the resort, Frisk and Papyrus were briefly awestruck due to the sheer size and classiness of it. The suite itself had it’s fair share of Mettaton-themed decor, ranging from paintings to posters. The duo switched on the TV, which only had shows featuring Mettaton no matter what channel it was switched to. However, a particular one of them caught their eye: a MTT newscast announcing breaking news. During the newscast, Mettaton announced his season finale, an unscripted, uncut, 100% live episode titled ‘Spiral Ascension! Battle against the Human Menace!’, which were to be filmed at the CORE. The news bulletins contained a secret code successfully deciphered by Papyrus, who did not exactly seem to consider it good news but reassured Frisk nonetheless. Mettaton then brought up how word of a ‘mysterious talking flower’ had gone viral, and announced that Sans had given information for viewers to speculate about the flower’s motives. Upon seeing the last part, Frisk turned off the TV in a huff and claimed they had seen enough.

The next day, when the duo headed toward an elevator in Hotland for some ‘last minute backtracking’, a billboard advertising one of Mettaton’s products can be seen in the distance. Later, when they returned to pass through the resort to access the CORE, a figure resembling Susie from Deltarune (Suzy?) is seen vandalising the MTT statues at the entrance by drawing on them with chalk.



At the entrance to the CORE, Papyrus received a call from Mettaton himself, who told Papyrus that he had been selected as the top pick for the ‘MTTV bettor’s prize’, and so he and Frisk would receive a private date with MTT. Having been told to stay on the line for instructions to receive the prize, Frisk and Papyrus waited for a while, but no response was given. Frisk was suspicious of the awkward timing, but Papyrus assured them that it was fine, and that they should go ahead. However, soon after Frisk had SAVED, Undyne trapped them inside the CORE using a forcefield and separated them from Papyrus by locking him out. Left alone in the CORE, Frisk began to cry, but Chara came to their aid and provided guidance, talking to them on a personal level instead of being a distant narrator, and helped guide them through the CORE.

While Mettaton was absent throughout most of the Arc, he provided assistance to Frisk in the form of vending machines placed throughout the CORE (although Mad Dummy had hijacked a few of them) and hidden snacks in each of the themed areas. One of Mad Dummy’s motivations for attacking Frisk was their jealousy of Mettaton, and their wish to get a similar level of appreciation. Soon after Undyne gave her the body of her dreams, Mad Mew Mew fought against both Frisk and Chara in an effort to fuse with her new body, but through heartfelt words and actions from both Frisk and Chara, she was convinced to stop fighting and let them go, but promised to ‘rip their sorry soul out of their chest’ if they did anything to Undyne and Mettaton. Soon after, Frisk (and Chara) discovered a note with the words ‘I’m sorry’ on the last of MTT’s vending machines. Fearing for his safety, Frisk wanted to rush to his aid, but Chara advised them against acting rashly and tried to calm them down.


At the end of the CORE, Frisk confronted Mettaton once more, fearing for his safety. However, MTT launched a fireball at them and started a speech, declaring Frisk as ‘the enemy of their hopes and dreams’ and announced his final showdown against them. Frisk attempted to ‘get him to snap out of it’, but despite not being truly sure of himself, MTT pushed them away and who proceeded to engage them in battle as their stage rose into the air. Frisk yelled at Mettaton, trying to get him to ‘cut the act’ and brought up how Undyne had treated them and Papyrus, and asked if he could give them a hint, at least. Despite his hesitation, Mettaton refused to back down and ‘betray his devoted audience’, attacking them with bombs, fireballs and boxes alike and deactivated their phone, rendering blue mode and the arm cannon unusable. Frisk expressed worry about out what Undyne could have done to him, but Mettaton denied having been brainwashed nor blackmailed by her and claimed he was doing it by choice, and launched one last attack consisting of giant drills, stacking boxes and mini-Mettaton robots.

After the attack, Mettaton marvelled Frisk’s tenaciousness and considered it admirable how they had taken every obstacle their way and triumphed, but revealed he had been holding back until then and asked for his dear and devoted fans to ‘lend him their courage and hope’. As ‘anime sparkles’ drifted from the ceiling, Mettaton announced he felt ‘everyone’s hearts beating as one’ and their love and passion, and declared he would ‘turn it into a weapon to bring about a new era for monsters everywhere’, transforming in a blinding flash of light.

Stars Collide! Rise, Mettaton SPIRAL!.png

As the smoke cleared, the silhouette of Mettaton’s new humanoid form (complete with flaming wings) became visible, and he told his fans that their unbridled faith had allowed him to transcend to his ‘original form’ and helped him realise his true potential. Declaring that he, Mettaton SPIRAL would not hold back as their fated battle begun anew, he engaged Frisk in battle once more. As Frisk was still unconvinced that his heart was truly in it, Mettaton tried to convince them otherwise through a ‘demonstration’, attacking them with his sword, mini Mettaton robots, giant drills, boxes and lightning, before healing them with green heart-shaped projectiles in a sudden ‘plot twist’.

Frisk attempted to reason with Mettaton once more, questioning why he would go out of his way to heal them if he truly wanted to fight them, but he simply brushed it off as not wanting their final showdown/ultimate clash to end too quickly to avoid sucking out the dramatic tension. After Frisk threw the stick, he caught it in his teeth, sprung up and hit the ground in a dramatic landing, granting a ratings boost. In a ‘sudden twist’, MTT prompted Frisk to write an essay about him to show they were really his fan, which they fill with compliments about him, but also snuck a request for him to ‘stop pretending’ in it. In the next turn, Mettaton told Frisk he considered it a shame that their phone was down because of how ‘limited’ they were without it, and after an attack utilising his sword, boxes and drills, he turned his sword cyan and hurled it at Frisk’s SOUL, turning it cyan as well and granting a new ability.

Asking if they were surprised, he told them he had saved the magic for a special occasion as his new form necessitated something flashy, such as a new soul color. While utilitising their new soul ability in MTT’s attacks, Frisk made more attempts to reason with him, citing the message hidden on the newscast, as well as the vending machines and hidden snacks in the CORE, the former Mettaton claimed was supposedly a puzzle for his fans to solve instead, and the latter being excused as an act of pity due to Undyne’s overly harsh methods despite Frisk being his ‘sworn enemy’. When Frisk tried to use the MTT coffee, Mettaton handed them a kettle and some water to prepare it. MTT then attempted to show the strength of his convictions to make Frisk believe he was truly willing to attack them, using new attacks where he divided the bullet box into different parts with his sword, and an improved version of his original lightning attack, while reiterating that he was built to defend the weak and eradicate humanity, to ‘rise above their limitations and slice through the barrier’.


Frisk tried reasoning with him, despite how monsters kept calling for justice, there was the last war to consider as well as the fact humans had advanced, so what would stop history from repeating itself again? Although it briefly evoked a forlorn expression from him, Mettaton countered the point by reminding them that monsters had advanced as well, him being living proof of it, a weapon the humans would never see coming. Frisk tried to reason with him one last time, but he refused to listen as his duty was ‘etched into his soul’, it wouldn’t matter how they pleaded as ‘fate had decreed it was his destiny’. As Chara suggested talking would not do any more good, Frisk turned to increasing the ratings instead, accepting various challenges from the viewers and finally, performing an acrobatic move that bumped the ratings over the 12000 mark.


As the ratings hit 12000, Mettaton stated it was about time, and told Frisk he was tired of spouting the same tired, cliched drivel, but it had clearly paid off. He wanted say more, but decided against it to keep things ‘short and sweet’, and announced his ‘final, most explosive attack’ to his audience. Barrages of bombs rained from the air, but did nothing to harm Frisk due to being blue attacks. Instead, they covered the room in smoke, allowing for a quick escape. MTT then told Frisk to run ahead and take a Glamburger from him, and that they should hurry to the elevator before Undyne intervened. Right before Frisk could attempt their escape, Undyne, piloting The Determinator crashed into the stage and engaged them in battle, while Mettaton flew away to seek help.

Away from the chaos, Mettaton called Papyrus. Although a worried Papyrus initially mistook him for Frisk, he corrected him, and Papyrus expressed his worries over Frisk being trapped in the CORE. Heaving a sigh, Mettaton apologized for it, as despite truly thinking he could guarantee Frisk a safe escape, he failed to anticipate Undyne's intervention. As Papyrus told him about how he no longer knew how to feel about the situation, having thought he could have helped Frisk and Undyne get along, MTT informed him of Undyne using The Determinator against Frisk. Mettaton helped Papyrus contact Frisk using his signal while he overrode Undyne's firewall. Papyrus help was able to successfully transfer an important message to Frisk, informing them of their phone’s charge beam and helping them level the playing field against Undyne, before she cut him off in a fit of rage.

Mettaton and Papyrus managed to arrive at the scene right after Frisk landed a fatal blow on a wounded Undyne, who had begun to melt due to her determination. As Papyrus and Frisk looked on in horror, Mettaton grabbed onto Undyne in an attempt to help fly her to safety. Despite Papyrus and Undyne's attempts at warning Mettaton to stay away from her, he refused to let go of her. Undyne's melting body seeped into the gaps in Mettaton's body and into his ghost, transforming them both into an amalgamate. Overwhelmed by guilt, Frisk ran for the elevator to New Home, breaking down in tears.


As Frisk blindly made their way through New Home, their thoughts clouded by their guilt, Papyrus remained by the amalgamate’s side, tearfully blaming himself while Undyne and Mettaton bickered among themself, blaming each other for what happened. As Papyrus continued to hold himself responsible, Undyne and Mettaton stopped arguing, telling Papyrus to stop and that it was their fault instead. Declaring that he would try to do everything in his power to save them both, Papyrus took them to an unknown location (likely the True Lab) and told them to stay there for the time being, and headed to New Home to help Frisk set things right. He and Sans managed to successfully break through to Frisk, convincing them to ‘go back’. With their renewed hope, Frisk was able to LOAD their previous SAVE, restoring both Mettaton and Undyne to their original state.

After the RELOAD, Mettaton managed to recall the events of the original Determinator battle and aftermath, including his amalgamation with Undyne. However, he convinced himself it was simply a bad dream, and that it was going to be all right as he could simply buy Frisk enough time to escape. Telling himself the show had to go on and his audience awaited, he prepared to battle Frisk once more.

Frisk confronted Mettaton at the end of the CORE once more, but as Mettaton launched a fireball at them and prepared to give his speech once more, Frisk interrupted him and informed him of Undyne calling his bluff. Although he tried pretending he didn’t know what they were talking about, Frisk informed him of Undyne's mecha, and told him to forget his big debut and focus on helping Papyrus. As Mettaton left hurriedly to help Papyrus, Undyne engaged Frisk in battle piloting The Determinator once more, now already in Overdrive Mode.


After Undyne destroyed their jet pack in their attempt to rescue her from the mecha, Mettaton and Papyrus arrived in time to aid Frisk in battle. After Papyrus caught a falling Frisk in his arms, Mettaton arrived and declared it a bold rescue, and that the audience would eat it up. As Undyne angrily asked why he was here and launched torrents of spears at Frisk, Mettaton used several red attacks to clear the spears away and several healing projectiles to heal Frisk, stating he was doing right thing, and suggested she try it sometime. Papyrus begged for Undyne to stop fighting, but she refused and launched waves of spears at Frisk, while Mettaton used more red attacks to clear the spears and gave Frisk cyan mode, while Papyrus used blue bones for a similar purpose to the former. As Frisk noticed the heavily damaged state of the mecha, they told Mettaton to get her out of it before it exploded, but Papyrus suggested that the three of them do so together. After Mettaton and Papyrus hacked away at parts of The Determinator, they aimed for the SAVE point symbol on it’s chest and rescued Undyne from the unstable mecha shortly before it exploded.


Undyne knew that they had saved them, for a second time even, but she refused to back down despite Papyrus' requests, as she stated she had sacrificed too much. Reminding her that one of them had wings, Mettaton prepared to fly them out of there before Undyne used green mode on him, preventing him from intervening with her plan. Taking a hit for Frisk while he refused to step out of the way, Papyrus told Undyne how much Frisk meant to them and how he was willing to protect them at all costs. In a fit of rage, Undyne surrounded the two of them with spears, while Mettaton was recording their interactions on his phone live for his viewers to see. As Mettaton’s phone started ringing, he informed them that several eager viewers were on the line. Soon, the monsters who Frisk befriended throughout their journey called in one by one, pleading for Undyne to stop fighting. Undyne’s hesitation grew as more viewers called in, but as Asgore advised her against making the same mistakes as him, and Alphys finally stood up for herself, Undyne was finally convinced. Destroying the spears surrounding the two, Undyne dropped her spear and fled the scene. As Papyrus tried to go for Undyne, Mettaton told him to worry about getting Frisk to safety instead and ran off to go find her.

New Home + Loose Ends Arc

Metta visit.jpg

After the battle, Mettaton went to find Undyne, who was thankfully safe at her Lab. Despite his concerns, Undyne told him to get out as he was the last person he wanted to see. Mettaton explained that although his methods were a bit extreme, it was the only way to save their lives, to prevent what was presumably the fate of amalgamation. Saying she had heard enough, Undyne shut him out for a final time. Telling himself perhaps she just needed some space, Mettaton left her alone.

At Forgespring, Mettaton was preparing for his upcoming performance, and recalled his memories of the events of the original Determinator fight and his amalgamation with Undyne in its aftermath. He knew he shouldn't have been able to remember it, pondering if it was a dream once more, but decided against it being so as he had amalgamated with Undyne and she had perfect recollection. Sighing, he felt unsure on what he was going to do.

Noticing his gloomy expression, Shyren and Napstablook came to his side. Although he was briefly surprised by their sudden appearance, he quickly calmed down and asked them about the preparations. After updating him on their progress, they questioned whether he was doing okay. Despite his claims, they remained unconvinced and reminded him that if something was bothering him, he could simply tell them. Despite their concerns, Mettaton brushed them off, claiming they were simply a case of pre-show jitters and anticipation for his upcoming date. Still worried about him, Napstablook suggested they talk later and the two of them departed. After they left, Mettaton’s expression turned forlorn once more, as he told himself it was better they didn’t know, as even he wished he didn’t. As he told himself not to let the doom and gloom get to him, he reminded himself he still owed Papyrus the ultimate dating experience.

After checking on the entrance to Undyne’s lab, Frisk and Papyrus received a call from Mettaton, who greeted them as his “grand prize winners”. Frisk expressed surprise and relief to it not being a scam, while Papyrus was certain it never was as he would “never toy with their hearts like that”. After apologising for putting Frisk through an “arduous solo act”, he questioned how their meeting with the queen went, and consider it a quite a plot twist when they revealed Toriel had granted them the souls, but questioned what “the catch” was. After Papyrus informed him about how they still needed to gather every monster and asked if he could help them, Mettaton suggested that an announcement of their pending freedom would be the perfect hook and that he was all for it, although they should hash it out in person. After Papyrus claimed it would be a “once in a lifetime opportunity” due to being a genuine date with the “world’s sexiest vaguely humanoid studmuffin”, Frisk suggested they could make the date one on one if he was that into him, and a flustered Papyrus told Frisk to hang up after a hasty see-you-soon.

After taking the Riverboat, the duo arrived at Forgespring, now decked with MTT posters. After asking several of the town’s residents about MTT’s whereabouts, the duo encountered Bratty and Catty, who offered help for their date with Mettaton and requested they give a recap afterward, although their dating advice turned out to be terrible. Outside Undyne’s old house, the duo encountered a disgruntled and worried Mad Mew Mew, who was concerned about the scientist’s wellbeing and was mad about how the town was “too busy gushing about Mettaton to care”. At the town’s cemetery, Frisk and Papyrus encountered Napstablook and Shyren, who were in the middle of a discussion. Although they were relieved to see that they were okay, Napstablook began to feel guilty over not being able to help them, while Papyrus reminded the ghost that they had done plenty to help Frisk, with them being the reason why MTT saved them from Bratty and Catty in Waterfall. Asking for Mettaton’s whereabouts once more, Napstablook suggested he was getting ready at the gazebo, and congratulated them and wished them good luck on their date.



Essay Responses

In the playable Mettaton SPIRAL fight, much like in the original game, Mettaton responds to whatever the player writes in their essay.


Legs: Amazing! I've only just sprouted legs, and already you're in love with them! It really is too bad you're my enemy.

Determinator: How did you...? I mean! That certainly is a fascinating word. And in the event that it was a real thing. I would advise you to be EXTREMELY careful what you wish for.

Fight/Face me Undyne: ...Best not to tempt fate, darling. She could be listening.

Dorked: Dorked? hmm... Maybe this essay IS a bit dorky... But what can I say? I've gained a certain respect for eccentric ones.

Toby: Toby...? I don't know where you get that from, but... A strongly oddly appealing essence resonates from that name...

Toriel: I offered to perform for her once, but she's so... Distant these days, that I never heard back. A pity, too, because I do think it would lift her spirits.

Eyes/Face/Smile: Ohoho... But is my eyes or my smile? Personally, I can't decide!

Hair: Yes... My hair. Sharp. Eye-catching. It's a look that radiates heroism!

Frisk/Mettaton: Isn't that a bit conceited? Well, every hero does need a worthy rival... And you ARE the main attraction in this finale... Well, next to me, of course~

Chara: ...Ah. The veredict's still out on their true intentions. Were they truly nefarious, or had their fate been twisted by time? Ooh! I'm getting goosebumps just thinking about it!

Asriel: The prince...? I never met him, but his tragic fate... Serves as a constant reminder of our heartbreak and humanity's treachory! Very well! I dedicate this finale to his legacy! Let's not let his memory go to waste.

Flowey: I still don't know what to make of your floral friend. Perhaps an autograph would lure him out of hiding! Then we could get to the bottom of this.

Napstablook/Blooky: Ah, my dearest cousin! Without their support, my shows would be sorely lacking! Every action set piece requires a stunning score! ...And every hero appreciates the love and support from their family.

Papyrus: Ah, Papyrus... Just between you and me, he came with this design! So consider this my official endorsement... For the underground's most charming scientific mind!

Mettacrit: ...I appreciate your curiosity, but that's a name best left in the past.

Shyren: Her efforts really deserve more praise! She brings a certain warmth to our programming, and that voice...!

Mad Mew Mew/Mad Dummy: Actually, I do owe her my thanks. Her interference primed you for our climatic clash! ...And I'm happy she found a body she truly loves.

Alphys: I actually owe Alphys a lot. She's the one who set me on the path to my dream body!

Undyne: Yes, yes. Undyne's made quite a mess... But don't forget who's the star of the show!

Sans: ...Well, he is a good listener. Honest, blunt. He's not afraid to speak his mind. And keep my head from soaring TOO high in the clouds.

I love you: What a heartfell confession! Alas, it was never meant to be...

Voice: Heavenly, isn't it? I was THIS close to making our showdown a rock opera, you know?

Dance/Dancing: And to think, I was still able to bust a move with only a wheel. True talent lies in turning "restrictions" into a strength!

Sword: They say every hero needs an over-the-top sword. Naturally,i'm no exception!

Wings: Perfect to sweep you off your feet... And into the stratosphere.

Shades: Oh yes... These new shades truly embody my essence! They redefine style itself!

Anime: Alphys and Undyne are the anime aficionados... But i'll admit... It's grown on me.

Spike: A sharp look to match my sharp with ,as papyrus would say. He knows me all too well.

Fire: What's a hot new body without a few flames? Careful not to faint!

Determination:...Interesting response. That's all will say for now!

Dog:...Well yes. Dogs are undeniably adorable. That's why any canine in the audience... Should consider purchasing MTT brand Kool Kibble. Studies have shown it will make your fur fluffier and your howls heavenly!`

Asgore: You know, my cousin's rather fond of the Ruins caretaker. He seems nice enough, and I appreciate his taste in decor.

Gaster: ...How did you learn that name? ... Ah, right. Undyne's little history quiz. Well, his CORE has made for one striking battlefield. I'll give him that.

If you type nothing: No words? Well, I suppose I'd be at a loss for words, too, in your position.

If you only type one character: ...intriguing.

If you type less than 14 characters: Ah. A short answer, and yet it speaks volumes...

If you type 13-49 characters: You certainly do have a way with words.

If you type 50-89 characters: Impressive! If you weren't my enemy, I'd consider hiring you as a screenwriter.

If you type 89-139 characters: You said so much in so little time! Your passion's moved me, human. It's a shame we're on opposing sides.

If you type over 139 characters: Incredible... Are you sure you're not a cyborg? That WOULD explain your impressive typing speed.

If you type a swear word: Human! This is a family friendly show. ...with a parental advisory for violence.

If you call yourself a name (stupid, dumb, etc.): Tsk, tsk. You really ought to work on your self esteem.



  • The appearance of Mettaton's shades are based from Kamina from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
  • His box form is almost as big as Toriel.
  • He still adores humanity and even started a human fanclub like in the original game. Unfortunately, since Undyne leaked the tapes, all meetings are postponed.
  • His box-form makes him slightly uncomfortable due to its secondary purpose.


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