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New Home is the final region Frisk ventures to on their journey. It is home to the Royal Palace and the Last Corridor.


New Home is a giant gray city, of which only a small area of it is accessible to Frisk during their journey.

Main Story

After killing Undyne, a guilt-wracked Frisk runs out of the CORE into New Home. They encounter and brush past Flowey and use their jetpack to bypass the locks. They keep running into judgment hall, where PAPYRUS tries and fails, to stop them. They run into Sans, who uses his gravity manipulation to stop Frisk from going further. Sans & PAPYRUS manage to convince Frisk to reload and set things right.

After the reset, PAPYRUS and Flowey guide Frisk through New Home, reciting the story of the monsters along the way. They visit all the rooms, and Flowey is upset at the state of his (former) room compared to that of The Mage's. They enter the Judgement Hall, where PAPYRUS judges Frisk. They venture into the Mage's room and go through their diary. Finally, they confront Toriel. They try to convince her to yield the SOULs, but she refused and initiated battle. During the fight, Flowey saves the Mage's SOULs from the fire, gaining her trust. She leaves with sans after entrusting the SOULs to Flowey, who absorbs them after everyone else leaves.



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