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Prime Time Turnabout, also known as INVERTED FATE: PAPYRUS™ PRIME TIME TURNABOUT, is the trial of Frisk the Human versus the Underground, hosted/judged by Mettaton. Standing in as the defense is PAPYRUS, with Undyne acting as the prosecution. It is the 10th chapter of the Hotland arc, and the 36th chapter overall. The video is split into two parts.

- PART 1 -

Before the Trial

While in the defendant lobby, a nervous Frisk asks Papyrus if he knows anything about defending. Papyrus claims he does, thanks to playing a certain series of games all about the courtroom, only compounding Frisk's worries. The duo decides to review the charges to prepare. After reviewing the case, Napstablook shows up to wish them the best of luck.

Reviewing the Case

Frisk was first spotted by cameras in Snowdin by the Ruins’ doors, later interacting with the Royal Scientist’s aide, Papyrus. According to the Nice Cream Salesman, it is an experiment to test human kindness. Frisk is accused of attacking the Snowdin Trio while they were "just chilling in the woods". However, Mettaton's cousin, Napstablook, also spoke in the human's defense. Bassiere von Dohj III also accuses Frisk and Papyrus of breaching Fort Aquarius's defenses, making a mockery of Captain Alphys's troops in the process.

Snowdin Trio Takes the Stand

In the courtroom, Papyrus learns that Undyne is acting as the prosecution, crediting her intelligence as enough credentials.

Attack of the Evil Human

According to the trio, they were just minding their own business with the Snowman before the human appeared and threatened them as well as brainwashing Papyrus to take their side. They would then be attacked by "magic death pellets" before fleeing and seeing "the crime scene" of "blood" splattered everywhere. However, Papyrus debunks their "innocence" by revealing that they were messing with the Snowman with googly eyes, the "crime scene" was in fact just on of Papyrus's spaghetti experiments gone wrong, and the "death pellets" belonging to someone else.

Snowman Takes the Stand

Sans then appears, carrying pellets belonging to Flowey before summoning the Snowman to clear Frisk and Papyrus's name.

What Really Happened

The Snowman states that the Trio placed googly eyes on them, and that Frisk and Papyrus stood up for them before a third party chasing away the trio; A talking golden flower named Flowey. With this reveal, Mettaton announces that the only thing the human is guilty of is justified threat. However, Undyne objects and reminds everyone of Fort Aquarius, and Mettaton decides to get to it after a break.

- PART 2 -

During Recess

Frisk and Papyrus discuss their concerns about the breaking-and-entering of the Fort, as well as Flowey being exposed, before overhearing Sans and Undyne talk about both Flowey and Frisk.

Dohj Takes the Stand

Sentry at the Gates

After getting sidetracked by Undyne mistaking Dohj's rude statement of Monster Kid for Alphys, Dohj explains that Papyrus is guilty of insubordination due to disobeying direct orders and entering the fort and taking advantage of the power outage, much to Undyne's frustration. However, Papyrus manages to debunk it by stating that as a member of the Queen's inner circle, as well as assistant to the royal scientist, he has a solid motive for his intrusion of the fort. As Undyne begins to cheer his efforts, Mettaton reminds her that she's abandoning the witness in the name of the defense. Undyne then has Dohj reveal footage of Papyrus and Frisk sneaking into the fort, but Dohj takes most of it on Papyrus, to Undyne's anger.

Battle at High Aquarius

Dohj's testimony incriminates both Frisk and Papyrus with several acts of treason. With no real contradictions, Papyrus begins to lose hope, only for Undyne to chime in and state that the testimony didn't make him sound cool enough. Realizing what she's doing, Papyrus cross-exams Dohj's testimony again by derailing it with unnecessary info, with both Undyne and Mettaton helping. This drives Dohj's mad and then literally ignites herself in rage before being cooled off by Sans and then sent home. With Dohj and her testimony gone, someone else needs to take the stand.

Sans Takes the Stand

The Real Threat

Sans appears on the stand with the intention of only stating facts and getting closer to "the truth," and on his testimony he openly states it's true Papyrus has been helping Frisk, as though Frisk did break into Fort Aquarius, they have put up with attacks from many monsters though refusing to fight back. He says people should be concerned about not about if Frisk is doing what they're doing, but why, in which he says the answer's one, mysterious talking flower.

In the Cross Examination, Papyrus asks why Sans isn't just defending him and Frisk, and he responds telling him he only wants the truth and doesn't want anyone behind bars. Papyrus asks why Undyne should even be antagonizing Frisk, and Sans responds saying it's desperation, and that it's "kinda sad" when you think about it. Undyne throws a spear at his stand and yells at him to shut up but Sans argues asking if she's scared if her reputation will be ruined. She claims she will make good on her promise, prompting the audience to question.
Sans goes back to the examination and repeats his lines about Frisk breaking into the fort and standing up to Alphys, and Papyrus responds exclaiming he and Frisk broke through her cold mask. Frisk asks why Alphys isn't in the fort and Sans tells them she just isn't ready.

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Weed in the Garden

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However, Mettaton decides to bring his verdict; that it was the human's evil twin from another dimension all along. He then states that they fled back afterwards, so he can't pursue them, and declares Frisk Not Guilty.

After the Trial

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  • The idea for Prime Time Turnabout came from the team joking about the Snowdin Trio taking Frisk and Papyrus to court back when Part 7A was in development.[1]