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The Royal Guard acts as the military of the Kingdom of Monsters. It's purpose is to protect the Underground from threats, but by the time of Frisk's arrival in the Underground,their de facto objective is to apprehend any human that enters the Underground so the human's soul may be taken and used to break the barrier, which requires said human's death. When Frisk arrives, the guard is led by Captain Alphys.


The Royal Guard acts as a military, and therefore has military ranks. The guard is led by a captain,and a lieutenant acts as the captain's second in command. Troops at Fort Aquarius are commanded by a Sergeant. Members of the guard such as Knight Knight, RG03, and RG04, held the rank of private. For a member of the guard to act against the orders of a superior officer is a crime known as insubordination. However, in Frisk's trial it is proven that individal's within the Queen's Inner Circle were the superiors of any officer who were not, regardless of whether they were members of the Royal Guard.



The Captain of the Royal Guard leads the Royal Guard. When Frisk arrives, Alphys is the captain of the Royal Guard. Alphys only became captain after Sans was offered the position and declined it. Before this offer was made, Gerson was the Guard's Captain.


Sans had the rank of Lieutenant after choosing not to become the Royal Guard's captain. As a lieutenant, Sans was a member of the Queen's Inner Circle, second-in-command in the Royal Guard, commanded the Canine Unit, and had jurisdiction over Snowdin Forest and Snowdin Town. Sans believes that, as Lieutenant he has the authority and influence necessary to protect humans while they are in Snowdin, but doubts his ability to do so if they travel to other areas.


The rank of Sergeant is beneath the ranks of Captain and Lieutenant, but above the rank of Private, in the Royal Guard's command hierarchy. Sergeants are also subordinate to members of the Queen's Inner Circle. Sergeant Bassiere von Dohj III commanded the garrison at Fort Aquarius, and the fort is considered part of her jurisdiction.


Most members of the Royal Guard have the rank of Private. While the rank is seemingly the lowest in the Royal Guard, Privates may give orders to civilians. Like all guard members, they may arrest and use lethal force against humans. Knight Knight, RG03, and RG04 are known to be privates.


Initially, the Royal Guard was created to protect the Kingdom of Monsters and its citizens from threats. Royal Guard members were permitted to use lethal force against humans if necessary, but they were to treat humans on a case-by-case basis. At the time, this was respected, and humans were allowed to live peacefully unless they acted against the Monsters. The Mage was a human who was able to live peacefully among the Monsters until they died of natural causes.

When the Waterfall Incident occurred, Monster's mindsets towards humans changed. Fort Aquarius was constructed so the incident would not be repeated. When the mage died, only one more soul was necessary to break the barrier. These events, combined with the release of tapes showing actions taken by Chara leading to Prince Asriel's death, made many monsters openly hateful toward humanity. This caused the Royal Guard's responsibilities to change from treating humans based on their actions to attacking humans on sight. As a result, when Frisk appears in the Underground, they are attacked by members of the Royal Guard before they commit any kind of wrongdoing.