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The Ruins is a location in Inverted Fate.


  • The Ruins are lush with plantlife, tended to by Asgore. Rows of flowers decorate the hallways and patches of golden flowers are planted sporadically throughout the Ruins.
  • The spiked maze is replaced with a bridge seed puzzle. A wooden pathway is insinuated over a pool of water, with a gap in the middle requiring a row of bridge seeds to be lined up in order to cross. Echo flowers are planted in the water along the sides of the pathway.
  • The long hallway serves as a lounge for the residents, with beanbags, a table with snacks, a poster of Mettaton and a television.


Much like in the previous timeline, the Ruins, formerly known as "Home", was the first residence of the monster population after their banishment by the humans.

When the First Human fell into the Ruins, they were adopted by the royal family, thus sparking hope for a new era of peace between Monsterkind and Humanity. Not long afterwards, the monsters began to return to the Barrier, where they built a New Home.

After the First Human and Asriel's death, King Asgore declared war. He decreed that any human who falls into the Underground will die, and their SOULS used to break the Barrier. Outraged by this decision, Queen Toriel attempted to reason with her husband. When news reached the castle that a human was in the Ruins, Asgore pursued the child, killing them.

Main Story

Much like in the original timeline, the Eighth Human, Frisk, fell into the Ruins after running away from an orphanage. Though they had no memory of the past timeline, they felt a nagging sense of déjà vu, as if they were returning home.