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I have tried, you know. Time and time again, I tried to change their perspective. That there is still good in humanity. That by seeking vengeance, we are no better than them.
— Toriel, Part 50

Queen Toriel is the official, though inactive ruler of the Kingdom of Monsters. She is the mother of Asriel Dreemurr and the adoptive mother of the Chara and later, The Mage. While she tried to maintain peace bewteen humans and monsters, the anger of her people towards humanity ulimately led to her secluding herself inside the Castle.



Toriel is a tall goat-monster with red eyes, wearing a blue cloak and grey robes with large shoulder pads. Her crown has a blue gemstone on it, and her blue staff is adorned with a flower. Her clothes are frayed at the edges.


Toriel was heavily opposed to Asgore's war declaration, and took the throne after he left. She tried her best to give all humans a fair judgement, though this made her unpopular with some monsters.

After the tapes regarding the truth of her children were released, her spirit completely broke. She retreated into her castle, never to make another public appearance again. Prior to the events of the story, Sans, Papyrus and Alphys are the only people to have spoken to her in three years.


Toriel once ruled the Underground side by side with King Asgore. They had a beloved child named Asriel and later adopted a human named Chara. All seemed well. The Underground was full of hope until, one day, Chara fell ill and eventually perished.

Then, within the span of a day, both Toriel and Asgore discovered a dying Asriel in the throne room and watched as their own child, twisted into a monstrous form, crumbled to dust, leaving nothing but Chara's body behind.

In a fit of anger, Asgore declared war upon humanity, infuriating Toriel, who felt he had brushed aside Chara and made light of their death. Still, despite her fury, she tried to reason with Asgore for several days.

Soon, word spread of another human in the Underground, and Asgore would later return with the child's SOUL. However, he was no longer able to commit to his plans and left to the Ruins in order to atone, forcing Toriel to rule in his stead.

Furious, she turned to the people and put her foot down. There would be no war on humanity. This, naturally, brought public outcry, silenced only when she uttered the words: "Remember Chara."

But while many simmered down, not all were satisfied. This forced Toriel to take many precautions. She entrusted the Royal Guard to find humans and guide them to her so that they could be judged on their own merits. She pushed for many an education reform, including cohesive history on humans provided by Gerson and herself. Her goal was to spread knowledge and encourage the kingdom to seek peace and wisdom over hatred.

Fortunately, the next human to fall was swiftly brought to her side, given sanctuary and protection. However, the following humans would not fare so well. One human stayed for a short time, but grew restless. Another, upon encountering aggressively anti-human monsters, grew fearful and aggressive, eventually paving a path with dust. Another perished at their own hands, while the search for justice and the truth eventually led another to her untimely demise[1].


As the human SOULs collected, Toriel grew wearier still. And as the one remaining human passed from old age, she found herself in an empty home once more.

Despite this, she tried to make do. Tried to be the best leader she could be. Then, when Undyne proposed research to break the barrier without further human casualty, the desperate queen granted her access to all six SOULs. Something she would eventually regret.

The experiments' failures coupled with the release of tragic tapes that sparked a new burst of outrage took their final toll on Toriel, who saw her kingdom as a lost cause, too consumed by hate to see things clearly. Thus, the heartbroken queen retreated into the castle, disappearing from the public eye.

Three years passed, and she remains unseen.

Main Story

Although Toriel only appears in later parts, she is spoken of many times throughout the comic. Sans, Alphys, and Papyrus have all made it clear just how broken and tired she is. How she's tried many times to combat the vicious cycle of human death, only to lose all hope.

In Part 46,Sans is shown trying to reason with her to no avail to give Frisk a chance. He informs her of the child's compassionate nature and that a talking flower is coercing both them and Papyrus with a supposed plan to break the Barrier. Ultimately, it seems she does not wish to even see another human after the many tragedies before.

Toriel makes her first physical appearance in Part 50, when Papyrus brings Frisk into the throne room. Believing that the child wishes to return to the surface, she immediately tells them to leave. She implores them to accept their bittersweet circumstances and live their life underground. Papyrus states that they've found another way to break the Barrier, but Toriel refuses to listen, having heard the same thing from Undyne once. She gives Frisk one last chance to turn back, but at the urging of Flowey, they refuse.

Papyrus and Frisk confront Toriel at the Barrier. Though they both try to reason with her, Toriel calls forth a stream of fire that simultaneously separates the duo and shatters the MERCY button, whilst enveloping Frisk in a cage of flames. Papyrus runs for help while Toriel engages the human in battle. After the fight, Sans, Papyrus and Flowey return to Toriel's Kingdom and Flowey convinces Toriel that he'll destroy the barrier, Toriel along with Sans goes back to New Home after three years.



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