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— Undyne, Interlude 2

Undyne is the royal scientist and secondary antagonist of Inverted Fate. She resides in Hotland and effectively rules the Underground in Toriel's absence.



Undyne is a tall, blue, fish-like monster with messy red hair pulled into a ponytail. She has one yellow eye and another robotic eye, very prominent sharp teeth (white, unlike her canon self), and dresses in a long labcoat with a spiky red high collar. Beneath her labcoat she wears blue jeans and red boots, and she's always wearing black gloves. In fact, the only part of her body that isn't covered up at all times is her face.


Loud, aggressive, and over the top are words that describe Undyne well. She pours her passion into everything she does, stubbornly refusing to give up no matter what comes her way. She harbours a deep love for monsterkind and is determined to do everything in her power to bring them freedom, even if it risks her own personal happiness. However, as a result of this, she's spiralled into a state of blind desperation over the years.

Most monsters don't realize this. She's always acting confident and bombastic, making cheesy anime speeches, and inventing wacky weapons and deadly robots purely for the fun factor. She embraces her mad scientist role, seeing her work as an opportunity to make her anime power fantasies come to life. And while she acts as head scientist, she remains physically fit, even keeping a stress boulder lodged in a wall for spontaneous suplexes. In her mind, being a genius doesn't mean she has to be a TOTAL nerd! She can work her body AND her mind!

But there's more to Undyne than passion and strength. In addition to her love of her people, she's a monster who cherishes EVERY friend and companion to a ridiculous degree! PAPYRUS, for example, isn't just her lab partner. He's a longtime friend for whom she harbors a VERY strong protective streak, made worse by her guilt over his involvement in the DT experiments. In fact, she's so protective that in the televised court drama put on by Mettaton, she completely derailed her prosecution just to stick up for him when Bassiere von Dohj III called his actions into question.

Likewise, she harbors a strong crush on Alphys, even if Undyne's aggressive anti-human tendencies have torn a rift between the two. Despite this, Undyne refuses to begrudge her, even after she let Frisk go, instead blaming herself for not taking matters into her own hands from the start. In fact, Undyne's views on humanity are a strong driving force- and an unhealthy one, at that, to the point that some monsters, like Napstablook have questioned if her heart's really in it. If she really, truly wants to kill the human Papyrus has come to adore.

But she insists that everything is fine. Besides, if she didn't take the last SOUL, someone else would have to, and Toriel's already been through hell.

Despite Undyne wanting to take Frisk's soul, she doesn't want to kill of all of humanity but rather let monsterkind decide the fate of the humans once they get seven human souls


Undyne grew up in the town of Forgespring, deep in the heart of Waterfall. Thus, from a young age, she'd heard of the atrocities humans had committed, such as the Waterfall Incident. As a result, she always struggled to Understand why the royal guard and Toriel sought to protect humans. Yet the knowledge that the heroic Mage who'd fought in that battle was also a human left her at a weird emotional crossroads.

When she was nine years old, her life would change forever[1]. On the day the royal scientist was to unveil a new invention, disaster struck. Tremors had rocked the earth. The CORE flickered and wailed. And then... nothing. No grand reveal. No fanfare. A disappointed Undyne and her class returned to Forgespring, and after school, she stumbled upon a young skeleton in a labcoat.

Due to his clothes, she mistook him for his now late father at first, and even after he clarified otherwise, she began bombarding him with questions. By her own admission, it was basically an interrogation, but through her meeting with Sans, she became fascinated with the sciences. If she could make cool robots and awesome machines, how could she say no? Thus, in time, she became Sans' apprentice as he was thrust into the position of head scientist.

During her apprenticeship, Sans urged her to never give up. Yet as she'd soon discover, he already had. One day, she asked about what really happened to the late Dr. Gaster, and Sans merely walked her up to a busted up machine he'd draped in cloth. No further explanation. The only further answers she'd receive came from strange, grey monsters she'd encounter from time to time.


Eventually, Sans hung up his labcoat, leaving the spot of Royal Scientist unoccupied. Sans went off to pursue royal guard training, and it was during this time that Undyne became Papyrus' babysitter[2]. The two formed a fast friendship, with Undyne's over the top behavior inspiring and exciting the young skeleton.

Later on, Undyne's desire to aid monsterkind drove her to pursue an ambitious project: the production of a holographic sky over Snowdin Town. It took a great deal of work, and she performed the task completely without protective gear. Papyrus even stated that an explosion nearly injured her face.[3] In the end, however, Toriel was so impressed with her kind gesture that she appointed Undyne as the next royal scientist.

Over the next few years, Undyne would pour her heart and SOUL into improving the lives of monsters. During this time, she met Alphys, a royal guard trainee working her way toward the top alongside Sans, and the two formed a fast friendship over a shared love of anime, video games, science, and history. Through her friendship with Alphys, Undyne also reached out to the ghost who would become Mettaton. Though Undyne didn't necessarily get along with him, her adoration of Alphys coupled with her desire to make monsters' dreams come true pushed her to create his robotic body... with the caveat that it would have anti-human combat features, should the worst come to pass, and that he would NOT leave his friends and family behind just to pursue his dreams.

He begrudgingly agreed, and over the years the two formed a rocky partnership, with Undyne constantly pushing to keep MTT's ego in check. Somewhere during this time, she would also create the robotic body for Mad Mew Mew.

Eventually, however, she sought to do more than just create cool gizmos and machines. With monsters trapped beneath the barrier and Toriel so weary, Undyne chased the greatest challenge of her scientific career: breaking the barrier through SCIENCE! Thus, she turned to the entire Underground, announcing her plans and promising to break the barrier herself... a promise that would consume her in due time.


Papyrus was so inspired by this that he camped outside her lab until she let him become her lab partner[4]. From there, the two embarked on the DT experiments, working side by side to uncover the secrets of the SOUL. While the exact nature of these experiments have yet to be fully revealed, it's been confirmed that Papyrus experimented on flowers, while Undyne created a mech for her chosen SOUL vessel[5]. Somehow, Undyne also gained an awareness of SAVING and LOADING, as well as an ability to see SAVE points[6][7][8].

In fact, there's further evidence suggesting she dabbled with DT beyond injecting the comatose bodies. At the end of the trial she is shown with syringes full of determination. Furthermore, on the official askblog, Sans revealed that she did something to herself and that Papyrus was powerless to stop her descent[9]. Later on, hidden pages were uncovered on the blog, revealing that her experiments took a physical toll on her, forcing her to bandage up the results and utilize "tubes and wires" as makeshift veins/blood vessels as well as cybernetic enhancements to replace melted body parts of hers, helping keep her stable.

During the DT experiments, Undyne also discovered the Dreemurr tapes. Upon viewing them, she grew outraged, perceiving Chara's actions as manipulation and betrayal and blaming them for Prince Asriel's death. Her fury even prompted her to play the tapes to the entire kingdom despite Papyrus' protests, which brought lasting consequences[10][11]. Old wounds reopened, and the majority viewed Chara no longer as a tragic figure alongside their brother, but as a "demon" that stole the prince away. That coupled with the simmering grief from the Waterfall Incident brought outrage so severe that the Royal Guard had no choice but to take a more aggressive stance toward humans- at least, those that ventured beyond Snowdin Town.

This reveal also prompted Toriel to seclude herself from the kingdom, too heartbroken and disgusted with her people's hateful views to face them ever again.

But it was not merely the tapes that brought tragedy. Though the comatose monsters had awoken, much like in the previous timeline, they amalgamated, though Undyne continued to promise over the years that she would find a solution and reunite the families when the time came[12][13]. A promise she still has yet to keep as of the current point in the story.

To make matters worse, this tore a rift between her and Sans, as Sans believed she had taken her research too far and became outraged with the horrors she had exposed Papyrus to. Later, this would also bring unspoken tension between her and Alphys, as the outrage forced the poor captain to assume a cold, hardened mask and suppress her true love of humanity. Even Mettaton suffered, as his public image of a human exterminator became directly at odds with his human adoration as well.

Ultimately, Undyne's choices brought further hate, hopelessness, and desperation to the Underground, while she spiraled further and further down. Eventually, she reached a point where she decided she would tear the final SOUL from the next human that arrived. That she WOULD keep her promise, even if she had to dirty her hands in the process.

It was the only way.

Main Story

Snowdin & Waterfall Arcs

Though Undyne's first physical appearance isn't until Hotland, her presence is felt even in the early arcs of the comic. The moment Frisk left the Ruins, they encountered a camera hidden in the bushes and covered with a crayon drawing. Unfortunately, they made the mistake of uncovering said camera, alerting Undyne to the presence of a human. Thus, she soon called Papyrus, and though he tried reasoning with her and encouraging her to give Frisk a chance, she angrily hung up on him.

Though at first, nothing seemed to come of this, as Frisk and Papyrus reached a training device in the Snowdin Forest, the machine roared to life, activating all manner of weapons from flamethrowers to magic spears and even a cannon. Had Sans not hacked the machine, both Frisk and Papyrus may have gotten caught in the crossfire[14].

Shortly after this debacle, Sans called her, and the two got into a heated argument over how to handle the human. Sans emphasized how this human had befriended Papyrus and that attacking them would only hurt the skeleton. Though this hit Undyne hard, she refused to back down[15].

Undyne being mentioned by Mettaton durning a MTT newscast.

Sometime after Frisk, Papyrus, and Sans reached Snowdin Town, a MTT newscast revealed even more dire news. Namely, that Snowdrake, Chilldrake, and Ice cap had fled all the way to Hotland to deliver a twisted tale of the human, complete with "killer death pellets." While their appearance on TV was bad enough on its own, Undyne even provided photographic proof of Frisk's presence, broadcasting their face for all to see[16].

Ultimately, she'd remain more of a lingering threat through the rest of the Snowdin and Waterfall arcs, though her presence was felt everywhere from the turrets and guard robots in Fort Aquarius to her laser-protected house in Forgespring. She had a chair in the fort's meeting room, and many monsters spoke highly of her, treating her as a beacon of hope in trying times.

Undyne prepares to face Frisk for the future of Monster-kind.

It wasn't until Alphys' surrender that she'd make her next onscreen appearance, having witnessed bits and pieces of the fight via one of her surveillance cameras. Rather than blame Alphys, however, she took the blame before furiously declaring that she'd take matters into her own hands and challenge the human's determination with her own.She pulled no punches, either.

Hotland Arc

As soon as Papyrus and Frisk entered the lab, she greeted them with spears and an assortment of weapons, from a laser cannon to flamethrowers. This was mostly for show, as she tried and failed to reason with Papyrus and emphasize the necessity of killing the human. Ultimately, he refused to leave the human's side, and after some bickering with Frisk, a battle ensued in the lab.

However, this fight, much like her grand entrance, seemed mostly for show, as while she fought furiously with spears, lasers, and a flamethrower, Papyrus pointed out how Frisk was set to appear on MTT's TV shows- a trial, at the very least. Though Undyne bluffed and tried to brush these comments aside, her act fell apart as soon as Mettaton arrived on the scene and revealed that she'd signed a contract allowing him to feature the human on all of his shows before she could actually kill them[17].

Reluctant, she gave Papyrus and Frisk access to the lab to prepare for the trials ahead, as she had every intention to make Frisk's life a living hell. And she most certainly did, having modified Hotland's puzzles to a dangerous degree while integrating DT scanners to make them activate in a human's presence. Spikes, electricity fields, dangerous air turbines, and more dotted the path through Hotland, forcing both Frisk and Papyrus to grapple with peril every step of the way.

Undyne as Tuxedo Mask throwing another rose spear during Mettaton's second show.

All the while, Undyne watched the duo and even took note of Frisk's loading during one of the puzzles. She'd later appear in Part 31 alongside Mettaton as the two put on an over the top magical girl parody. Though at first she bickered with the box over her role as the "Masked Tuxedo," she soon completely deviated from the script by taking on a much more active and aggressive role. Unfortunately for her, both Frisk and Papyrus made a mockery of her attacks, dodging and performing stylish poses to up the ratings.

Furious, she activated a trap door that dropped the two onto a giant conveyor loop with four basketball hoops, designed to make the human vomit four times consecutively. She didn't intend for Papyrus to get trapped, but a gravity field disabling Frisk's jet-pack rendered both of them trapped, and Mettaton could not rescue Papyrus, lest he and Undyne become trapped as well.

While Frisk ultimately escaped the puzzle through clever use of Dog Residue, Undyne's actions only intensified Frisk's hatred towards her, and they actively called out her behaviour, which only served to anger her further. It didn't help that Papyrus seemed genuinely hurt by her actions, though she was too proud to sway from her path.

Undyne and Mettaton during the tournament.

In Part 33, she appeared yet again as part of a gratuitous anime tournament parody. She and Mettaton both invited the competitors, while Undyne initially took more of a side role while Mettaton acted as referee. However, as Frisk and Papyrus wowed the crowds, she grew increasingly irritated. It didn't help that Frisk had thrown Sans' pet rock at her face. But, come the final round, both she and Mettaton challenged the duo for the title of champion.

While Undyne gave it her all, Mettaton and Papyrus sneakily played to her ego, tricking her into charging a "special attack". During this time, the Annoying Dog snuck on stage, and Frisk flung the canine directly at Undyne's face. To top it all off, a pretend uppercut from Papyrus "knocked" MTT into Undyne and sent the two out of the ring. Undyne, of course, saw through MTT's bluff and pressured the robot to give the audience a taste of his anti-human weaponry.

A chase ensued, with Undyne riding atop MTT while Frisk and Papyrus fled via jet-pack and hover board respectively. Both Undyne and MTT hurled attack after attack at Frisk, but every step of the way, Papyrus continued to protect them at risk of his own safety. By the time the duo escaped, Undyne snapped at Mettaton, blaming him for Papyrus' endangerment. Of course, MTT rightfully corrected her, as it was her choice to pursue them in the first place. This only served to frustrate her further.

In spite of this, she tried keeping her cool as she appeared on a special newscast. During this show, she tried to reassure the masses about everything that had transpired and her desire to fulfill her promise. However, MTT showcased footage, and questioned her motives, emphasizing the dangers her puzzles had brought. To make matters worse, several guests appeared to challenge Undyne further, like Monster Kid, who found themself torn between their idolization of Undyne and Frisk's friendliness. Dohj raised concerns with Alphys' convictions and feared for her safety, should another war come to pass, Gerson, resented the vicious cycle surrounding humans in the Underground and the likelihood of it continuing on the surface.

Undyne's breakdown.

What's more, he challenged Undyne's convictions, seeing them as reckless, while Undyne argued that the freedom was worth the risk and that Toriel needed her to fulfill her promise. After all, if Undyne didn't, then the queen most certainly would have to face Frisk in the end. But rather than stop there, she blamed all the suffering and hardships, not only on humanity but on Frisk, while nearly snapping in front of the audience.

She barely managed to recover when Gerson left, but Napstablook's arrival brought further pressure upon Undyne when they asked if she was truly happy following this path. So many valuable points flew at her, from Blooky's own closeness to Frisk, to Papyrus' continued support, the mountain of responsibility upon Undyne's shoulders, and Alphys' refusal to contact her. Thus, she reached a breaking point, forcing MTT to cut the broadcast.

She managed to recover in time for the trial, at least, during which she acted as prosecution against Frisk, while Papyrus acted as defense.

What she failed to account for was the quality of the witnesses, as the first witnesses, the Snowdin Trio, provided flimsy testimony at best, right down to accusing Frisk of leaving a bloody crime scene despite the biological nature of monsters. That and their bullying of the Snowman already cast doubt on their credibility, but it only became clearer when both Papyrus and Sans revealed that the "scary death pellets" Frisk allegedly used to attack them came from Flowey instead.

This, of course, left Undyne shocked and furious. Why had Papyrus not informed her that the flower had awakened? What sort of secrets was he keeping?

But startling as it was, she ultimately redirected the focus back to Frisk and the break-in at Fort Aquarius, and after a short recess and a verbal spat with Sans, she called in Dohj as the next witness...

Only for Dohj to proceed to cast blame on Papyrus instead of Frisk, even going so far as to accuse him of treason.

This pushed Undyne to stop prosecuting in order to stick up for Papyrus, albeit with much disdain from Dohj. But time and time again, her testimonies proved foolproof. All seemed lost until Undyne got the brilliant idea to pull a great big bluff and claim that she wasn't making Papyrus look cool enough!

This led to Papyrus, Undyne, Frisk, and even Mettaton and Sans poking hole after hole in Dohj's testimony until the poor canine snapped. And once she left the stands, Sans swooped in, delivering more testimony against Flowey.

Undyne grew more and more stressed as Sans repeatedly cast doubt on her actions, even pointing out how Toriel herself never wanted human casualty. That combined with Papyrus' refusal to come clean about the flower and his plans left Undyne both hurt and betrayed, and even after Mettaton's bluff of a "plot twist" and Papyrus' attempts to reason with her, it was no use.

Undyne in tears after the trial, feeling betrayed by both Papyrus and Mettaton.

Clearly, he didn't trust her anymore. She'd burned that bridge, so what else did she have to lose?


Undyne proved her desperation the moment Frisk entered the CORE, by locking them inside and blocking Papyrus from entry with a force field. She then began taunting them, though Frisk's own retorts only yielded anger from the already unstable fish. She had even rigged the CORE with a multitude of dangerous robots and hazardous puzzles, including a colored tile-maze provided by Alphys,a pit of invisible platforms and electricity generators, a spinning tile maze, and areas equipped to resemble the other regions of the Underground with even more dangerous traps than before.

While Mad Dummy took charge by possessing the robots at the very end of each season area, Undyne still made her presence known through mocking messages in a few of the themed areas and over the intercom. She cut Frisk's contact to the outside world, trying to keep them in isolation as the dangers reached greater heights.

She'd next be heard over the intercom when Papyrus tried to reach her over the phone. However, his attempts to reason with her fell on deaf ears. She refused to back down despite his pleas, even breaking her own phone to avoid having second thoughts.

However, she was stable enough to encourage Mad Dummy and provide her with a new, robotic form based on Mew Mew Kissy Cutie. In the end, however, her desperation led her to engage Frisk in battle piloting The Determinator after Mettaton revealed his true intentions to help Frisk escape the CORE.

During the battle, Undyne reveals that she knew about Frisk's ability to SAVE, LOAD, and RESET. She knew that simply killing Frisk would be pointless, because they would just reload...unless her determination overpowered Frisk's.

Eventually, with Mettaton’s help, Papyrus is able to contact Frisk. He informed them of their phone’s charge beam, thus leveling the playing field, before Undyne cut him off in a fit of rage.

When Frisk is able to reload after their third death, Undyne notes their high DT level and reveals that she knows of Chara’s presence inside their body, having discovered this when the two were temporarily split apart by Mad Mew Mew. This knowledge, along with the damage to her mech, prompted her to activate Overdrive Mode, pushing the Determinator to its limits.

For every death Frisk endured, their SAVE file slowly receded from their grasp...and into Undyne's. Despite this, they continued to damage the Determinator severely, until it began to break down. Aware that without intervention, Undyne would perish within her exploding mecha, Frisk reluctantly saved Undyne’s life.

From the remnants of the Determinator, a wounded Undyne emerged. Knowing full well that Frisk saved her despite her attempts at killing them, she declared that it didn’t change a thing and continued to attack them. When Frisk reached the brink of death, they reluctantly fought back. Their raw fear and desperation, coupled with Chara’s similar feelings, manifested in a blow that fatally wounded Undyne. She began to melt just as Papyrus and Mettaton arrived on the scene.

As Papyrus and Frisk looked on in horror, Mettaton attempted to help her. As he grabbed on to her in hopes of flying her to safety, Undyne protested, knowing full well what would happen. Despite this, Mettaton refused to let go, holding on even as Undyne began to melt through his robotic body and into the ghost within, transforming them both into an amalgamate. Overwhelmed with guilt, Frisk ran to the elevator in New Home, breaking down in tears.

When Frisk returns to the battle after their RESET, Undyne decides to go all out and sets the Determinator into Overdrive mode at the beginning of the fight. Throughout the rematch, Frisk tries to convince Undyne to stop fighting, but Undyne is still willing to do whatever it takes to claim their soul. The fight plays out similarly to before, with Frisk dodging her attacks and damaging her mech.

However, the fuel tanks begin to leak after being damaged. Frisk flies toward Undyne in an attempt to rescue her again, but Undyne smashes their jetpack, causing them to plummet to their doom. Luckily, Papyrus and Mettaton arrive just in time to save Frisk. The fight continues, this time with Papyrus and Mettaton to aid Frisk. Undyne, infuriated, persists in battle until her mech finally breaks down and she is rescued again.

Undyne still doesn't back down despite Papyrus' requests. Papyrus explains how he values Frisk over freedom for monsterkind and is willing to protect them at all costs. Mettaton secretly records their argument live for his viewers to see. In a fit of rage, Undyne surrounds Papyrus and Frisk with spears but is interrupted by Mettaton's phone ringing. The monsters who Frisk befriended throughout their journey call, pleading for Undyne to stop. Undyne finally drops her spear and flees the battle.

New Home & Loose Ends Arc

Undyne makes no physical appearance in this arc beyond flashbacks, but is mentioned several times. Mettaton talks to himself about his mysterious memories of melting with Undyne in early Part 52, and after Mettaton’s performance in Part 54, Mad Mew Mew argues with Mettaton, Frisk and Papyrus for Mettaton constantly mistreating Undyne.

Later in Part 54, Alphys in Mettaton's house says Undyne isn't answering her attempts to contact her, and that she posted "You win." on her blog. Frisk and Mettaton begin to worry over this and Papyrus rushes to Undyne’s lab alone. Frisk, Alphys and Mettaton also go there to investigate after he’s completely absent for over an hour.

True Lab Arc

In parts 55 to 58, Frisk, Alphys, Mettaton, and later Papyrus, view the various lab reports that details Undyne's descent into despair, starting with her discovery of SAVing through Determination, her leaking of the True Lab Tapes that incriminates Chara (which also placed a massive strain on her relationship with Sans and Mettaton, due to causing Toriel's seclusion and turning the Underground hostile towards humans), her loss of her ability to SAVE thanks to Flowey just as the patients she and Papyrus were trying to save melt, and falling deeper into her hatred for mankind to take most of the blame away for causing things to get this bad.

In part 59, Undyne is found by Mad Mew Mew working at the generator, who tells her she wants to be left alone. Eventually the others catch up. Initially, Undyne tries to chase everyone away furiously, only for Mettaton to apologize for broadcasting her fight with Frisk. This allows Undyne to say sorry to everyone she's hurt; Mad Mew Mew for using her as a testing dummy and forcing her to try and kill Frisk, Mettaton for the True Lab Tapes, Alphys for scaring her, and Papyrus for trying hurting him in her pursuit to kill Frisk, and then states she wants to be alone and forgotten. Frisk gets upset and calls her out for wanting to skimp out in responsibility for everything she's done while her friends will live on with regrets of wishing they could've done more.

After Alphys and Papyrus apologize for not being more open, Papyrus states their plan to gather every monster to break the barrier, which includes herself and the Mechamalgamates. After she apologizes to Chara, Sans shows up, but rather than call her out for what she did, he instead apologizes himself, having done nothing but shamed her for everything she due due to projecting, and while she doesn't accept it immediately, she does say thanks and hopes that could hang out like old times, with Sans accepting it. After he leaves, Undyne finally apologizes to Frisk for all she did to them, with them being a much better friend to Papyrus than she was. Once its all said and done, Undyne, with Alphys and Mad Mew Mew, go to return the Mechamalgamates to their families, with Papyrus giving them his approval for a good time. Afterwards



  • The energy pack for the Science Blaster used by Undyne in Part 28 had been based on Dingodile's flamethrower pack from the Crash Bandicoot series.[18]
  • Undyne's appearance in Part 26 after sparing Alphys had been framed similarly to the end of a chapter in Paper Mario as, in that game, the perspective switches after the defeat of a boss to the next one as a form of foreshadowing.[19]
  • Speaking of, Undyne's Lab in Part 29 contains 2 pieces of foreshadowing for later fights. Cool Dude sits in Undyne's room alongside Pool Dude's body. His head lies on Undyne's workbench on her side of the lab. Mad Dummy is sitting among her arsenal of weapons in her room.[20]
  • Undyne's passion for pop culture tends to intertwine with her work and it clearly shows. Mettaton's glasses and cape are a clear reference to Kamina from the Gurann Lagann series, Mad Dummy's appearance is a reference to Dio Brando from Jojo's Bizarre Adventure, two weapons from TF2 can be seen among her arsenal, the Rocket Launcher and the Scattergun, and Undyne has a Spiny Shell from the Mario Kart series.
  • Her battle themes, "Say Your Prayers, Punk!" and "Defiance For Your Friends", both follow a similar song pattern to "Battle of Providence" from Bravely Second: End Layer.


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