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For the soundtrack, see Waterfall (Soundtrack).

Waterfall is the third region of Inverted Fate. It is home to Forgespring and Fort Aquarius.


  • Waterfall is a blue and black cavern with many blue and purple crystal shards throughout it.
  • Hence it's name, it has many waterfalls and patches of water scattered around, with one incredibly rainy section.
  • There are two sub-locations being Fort Aquarius and Forgespring.


Main article: Waterfall Incident

The residents of Waterfall were victims of one of the most tragic events in Monster History, the Waterfall Incident. The Integrity SOUL, after being ambushed by several monsters, saw violence as the only way to survive and destroyed many Royal Guard soldiers and civilians, leading to a total of 39 monsters dead, and 29 injured. The incident was stopped by Gerson, Toriel, and the Mage, who attempted to reason with the Integrity SOUL across several reloads until eventually killing her.

The aftermath of this incident was severe, with Fort Aquarius being constructed to prevent further incidents, and Forgespring being built as a safe and secure home for residents.

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